Weight Loss or Gain Dream Interpretation

To have a dream focusing on your weight reflects your self-worth and self-esteem. Depending on how the weight loss or gain is perceived in the dream, they could be interpreted differently that matches with your waking life situation. It could also relate to how you view your physical appearance.

Dream About Weight Gain
Dreaming about a healthy weight gain, indicates that you will gain additional influence and power of persuasion. Your opinions and attitudes will have higher chances of effecting others.

Dream About Weight Loss
To experience normal weight loss in the dream, indicates that you are no longer being weighted down by responsibility or emotional burden. Something will be lifted off your shoulders and you could finally relax.

Dream About Weight Scale
To focus on a weight scale in the dream, represents your preoccupation with how your are judged and graded. You may feel that you do not live up to your own standards that you have made for yourself.

Dream About Overweight or Obese
To dream about being overweight or obese, suggests that you may be overly confident with your daily dealings. You may throw your weight around without caring for other people. It could relate to a desire to be greedy or lack of discipline with your own decisions, sometimes you cannot help yourself but act this way.

Dream About Underweight or Anorexia
To dream about underweight or anorexia eating disorder, indicates that you are having a hard time boosting your motivations and desires to obtain things in life. You have hard time changing a bad situation so you have decided to let things be, no matter how negative the outlooks are.

Dream About Broken or Inaccurate Weight Scale
To see an in accurate or broken weight bathroom scale, indicates that you have conflicting views of yourself. Perhaps you are not judged correctly, and the people around you do not understand how important you are.

Dream About Friend Losing Weight
To dream about your friend losing weight, is a sign that he or she may be under great deal of stress and emotional burden. Consider reaching out to help them.

Dream About Going on a Losing Weight Diet
To dream about going on a diet for weight loss purpose, foretells that you are on a path to be disciplined in order to take a new job or new role in life. The journey will not be easy, but if you work hard towards it, you will enjoy the fruits of your labor and hard work.

Dream About Yoyoing Weight
To dream about yoyoing weight after trying for weight gain or loss, foretells that disappointments will be on the horizon. Consider keeping an open mind and keep your expectations low, you may free yourself from sadness over potential failures.

Dream About Counting Calorie For Weight
To dream about counting calories for weight purpose in the dream, indicates that you need to take small steps towards reaching your goal. Take inventory of all of your small victories and you shall eventually succeed.

Dream About Gaining Weight or Losing Weight Fast
A dream that focuses on the rapid change of weight in losses or gains, predicts bad and volatile times is on the horizon. You may enter certain turbulent business or work dealings, that will result in either overjoy or overstress. Tread carefully so that you do not make the wrong decisions under duress and pressure.

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