Pigeon Dream Interpretation

Did you dream about pigeons? Pigeons in the dream represent gossip, news, or general communication between people. The pigeons carry a message from your unconscious, specifically your emotions or feelings towards the thoughts of home and belonging. Below are more detailed Pigeon dream interpretations.

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Dream About Pigeon Actions

Dream About Pigeon Attacking
Dreaming about a pigeon attack or peck; suggests that someone is going to force you to take the blame for their actions. The dream also portends that they will be also aggressively pushing you around instead of admitting to their mistakes. Consider the part of the body where you get attacked.

Dream About Dying, Sick and Injured Pigeon
To dream that a pigeon is dying, bleeding, sick, or amputated injured, implies that you will suffer the consequences of spreading negative rumor or news. Consider avoiding speaking negatively of others, as others will eventually find out and punish you for it.

Dream About Pigeon Eating Bread
Seeing pigeons feeding or eating bread, suggests that certain luck and wealth will become your rewards. Particularity you will earn from affiliated based business or referral commissions. The luck is in your favor and your work to spread the word will earn income for you.

Dream About 3 Pigeons Fighting for Food
To dream of more than 3 pigeons fighting for food, is a sign of frustration and competition. You will experience incompatibility and pointless losing situations with others. Such quarrels may eventually result in the breakup of your social groups.

Dream About Seeing Pigeons Carrying Messages
To see a pigeon carrying a message, means that you will receive certain news from someone that you know. Specifically, the news will come from someone whom you have not talked to in a long time.

Dream About Actions Towards Pigeon

Dream About Feeding Pigeon
Feeding pigeons in the dream, indicates that you may be feeding too much information to a person who likes to spread gossip. People might twist and exaggerate your words for the worse.

Dream About Holding a Pigeon
To hold or hug a pigeon in the dream, suggests that you will receive the affection of your partner. The key is to be communicative of your thoughts and emotions openly.

Dream About Slaughtering and Killing a Pigeon
Killing a pigeon in the dream, indicates that you are unhappy about someone else who said certain gossip or ideas. You have trouble dealing with your negative thoughts against the person who has said negative things behind your back. You feel unsecured about what else that person might have said.

Dream About Chasing or Shooing Away Pigeons
To chase away pigeons in your dream signifies that you are frequently putting your needs ahead of others. The dream suggests that you are offending other people by your lack of attention and self-centered interest. You are not thinking about other’s well-being.

Dream About Eating Pigeon Meat
Dreaming about eating a pigeon, symbolizes a desire to be free and creative in your projects. You want more expressions and substances in your ability to create and produce literary work.

Dream About Different Types Pigeons

Dream About Flock of Pigeons
A flock of pigeons in the dream refers to the spread of gossip in your waking life. Be aware of the quick spread of fake news and information.

Dream About Homing or Rock Pigeon
Dreaming about home pigeons that are known to fly back to home or cage, express your desire to return to your home and where you belong.

Dream About Two Pigeons
Dreams of 2 pigeons together, represent simple and easy going love. You will have a basic understand and mutual respect with your closest family members and friends.

Dream About Baby Pigeon
To see a baby pigeon, suggests that you will meet love in a short time. The fateful meeting will divide your life and you will create a family and raise children in the near future.

Dream About Dead Pigeon
Dead pigeons in the dream indicate that you will desert someone that you know socially. Perhaps you plan on no longer being friends with someone that you know.

Dream About Pigeon Colors

Dream About White Pigeon
White pigeons in the dream is a good sign pointing to a peaceful, harmonic, and magnificent wedding with your soul mate.

Dream About Black Pigeon
To see a black pigeon, it means that you will soon experience a unique occurrence which will enable you to increase your professional success. Consider doing your research and speak up your opinions when the time is right. Many will brand you as successful and lucky ones due to the appearance of your knowledge in the area.

Dream About Blue Pigeon
A blue pigeon heralds melancholy and misunderstanding in your relationship. The blue pigeon occurrences point to potential heartache and heartbreak in the near future.

Dream About Gray or Brown Pigeon
Seeing a brown pigeon in the dream suggests that you need to get to the basics. Be down to earth if you want your relationship to be a long-lasting one. Be aware of splurge on expensive things. Prepare to make difficult life choices.

Dream About Gray Pigeon
Dreams of a gray pigeon suggest that you will have a guest soon at your doorstep, whom you will be very happy to see. The chances are that the guest will not stay for too long and the visit will be short and brief.

Dream About Golden or Yellow Pigeon
Dreams of a yellow or golden pigeon, foretells that you will receive a marriage proposal from a loved one.

Other Related Pigeon Dreams

Dream About Pigeon Poop
Dreams of pigeon poop, suggests that you might generate wealth and profit off communicative tips or hearsay in the near future. Pay attention to the conversation that occurs around you, to find profitable business ideas. You have to be aware and mindful as the opportunity can be fleeting.

Dream About Pigeon Racing
Having pigeons racing in the dream, is a sign that you will need to play an information war. To be able to win with your work endeavors and projects, you need to have fast data and feedback from others.

Dream About Pigeons

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