Feather Dream Meaning – Top 22 Dreams About Feathers

Did you dream about feathers? Feathers in dream points to ease, comfort, warmth, and financial gains. Consider how you are using the feather in the dream to get better contexts and interpretations. Below is a table of content of the the common dreams about feather.

Table of Content

Growing Feathers

To dream that you are growing feathers, indicates that your are realizing your potential and gathering inspiration. However, if the feathers are not graceful nor beautiful, it suggests that you are being ridiculed about your work or appearances.

Plucking Feathers

To pluck feathers off a bird in the dream, reflects that your anxiety about how others express themselves. You are picking off people’s faults and flaws. Perhaps you are jealous about how others close to you perform in waking life.

Receiving Feather

Receiving feathers in the dream, foretells that you will get freedom and inspiration from outside sources. You will be able to achieve a new view of the world, and create wonderful work out of these thoughts.

Buying and Selling Feather

To dream that you are buying or selling feather, foretells that you will give thanks and receive appreciation and favors. Certain minor things that you do for others will be appreciated, be mindful of what you say and do.

Feather Accessories

Feather in Hair
To dream about wearing a feather in your hair, points to fertility.

Feather Necklace
To dream that you are wearing a feather necklace, indicates that you should be grateful to count your blessings and be thankful of the positives in your lives.

Feather Earrings
To dream about wearing feather earrings, is a sign that you need to get ready to listen to messages. Other people might be dropping you minor hint sand thoughts. Take those messages seriously or you would miss out on important issues.

Featherless Bird or Featherless Chicken

To dream about a bird without feathers or featherless chicken, is a sign that you will be made vulnerable. Freedom will be taken away from you and you will feel like you have been caged or imprisoned. You are undergoing fears of losing your ability to fly and be free.

Animal Feathers

Peacock Feather
A peacock wing feather itself in dreams, suggest immortality and spiritual renewal. Perhaps you are being reawakened with new thoughts and opinions about your life.

Bird Feathers
To dream about random and unknown bird feathers, points to frustration and minor failures.

Goose Feather
Goose feather in dreams symbolizes joy and pleasure from career and work.

Hawk Feather
To dream about hawk feather, suggests that although you have a sharp mind. You might be making silly mistakes that could have been avoided.

Eagle Feather
Seeing eagle feathers or wearing eagle feathers in the dream suggest that you will receive quick fame and obtain financial gains that come with the fame. However, this fame will be short lived. You will need to develop yourself and your image fully to have a longer lasting impact from your fame.

Crow Feather
To dream about a crow feather, foretells that an upcoming change is near. It might be a warning sign about what is to come.

Rooster Feather or Chicken Feather
To dream about chicken feather, foretells that you will undergo minor annoyances to access your money or fund. Be aware of banking fees and charges that might surprise you.

Owl Feather
Owl feathers in the dream implies that you need to share your knowledge and wisdom with others.

Other Feathers Dreams

Angel Feathers
To dream about angel feathers, symbolizes goals, inspirations, and aspirations. You will soon answer to a higher calling and purpose.

3 Feathers
To dream about 3 feathers or multiple feathers, is a sign that you do not think you are good enough. Perhaps you have to train harder to get the knowledge and skills. Improve yourself further instead of relying on others.

Feather Tattoo
Feather tattoo in the dream suggests that you want to be as light as a feather. You want to unload the ideas and thoughts that have been burdening you.

Feather Duster
To dream about feather duster, is a sign that you want all your worries to be gone with the wind. Work harder to dust off skillset and wisdom that you have long forgotten.

Feather Floater
To dream about feather floater, suggests that you will soon try to bounce off certain responsibilities to others. You are putting the ball in other people’s court to see how they would respond.

Colors of Feathers

Black Feather
Black feather refers to protection. You wish to ward off negative energy.

White Feather
White feather in the dream is a symbol of positive spirit and peace. You are seeking comfort and guidece.

Blue Feather
Blue feather points to validation and healing. You want to understand see everything is alright.

Pink Feather
Pink feather foretells romantic love. You will enter gentle relationship full of sweetness and love.

Purple Feather
Purple feather in the dream foretells that you will experience profound change for the better.

Red Feather
Red feather in the dream symbolizes change. You will undergo a change of passion.

Brown Feather
Brown feather in the dream suggests that you need to be more practical with your dealings.

Rainbow Feathers
Rainbow feathers points to growth and abundance. You will take on challenges that will be full of color and spectrum.

Green Feather
Green feather in the dream points to wealth and security.

Silver or Grey Feather
To dream about silver or grey feather, points that you need to pay attention to different perspective and viewpoints. Even if you believe other people’s view may be incorrect or idiotic.

Gold Feather
Gold feather in dreams foretell wealth and abundance. You will soon come into good fortune that will bring positive returns.

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