Crow Dream Meaning – Top 27 Dreams About Crows

Did you dream about crows? Crows in dreams represent darker aspects of your character and perhaps death. They relate to annoying habits and display of complaints. They are conveying a message from your subconscious about upcoming negative changes. Below we will go through more detailed dream interpretations regarding the crow.

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Dream About Crows Flying and Attacking

Crow Attacking, Pecking, and Biting
To dream that crows are on the attack indicates some type of conflict. Consider who or what the crow is attacking to get a sense of where the issues are. The dream foretells some type of breakups such as a divorce or the loss of a loved one.

Crow Entering House
To dream about crow entering your house, foretells that you should follow your instincts about your family relationship. Certain news or revelation will become known to you. Where are the crows in the dream? Bedroom or the kitchen? They might relate to where the news might come from.

Crow Chasing
To dream about crow chasing an animal or someone, represents an inescapable illness or even death. It is symbolic to an end due to some situation or bad habits in waking life. The negative omen suggests that it will become the eventual downfall of your life. Consider the animal that the crow is chasing such as a dog or a cow to get ideas on whom they might represent.

Crow Circling Someone or Something
To see crow circling around someone, represents that you are making a final decision about putting an end to a certain relationship. Lean on your logic and trust what you think is right regarding that person.

Dream About Crows Actions Towards You

Crow Sitting on Shoulder
To see a crow sitting on your shoulder, indicates that you will soon be pleasantly surprised at the intelligence of your subordinates. He or she will help you with certain revelations or information that will help you make better decisions.

Crow Cawing or Crying at You
Dreaming that a crow is talking, crying, or cawing at you, is a sign that someone is trying hard to warn you about something. Listen closely to the messages that others try to tell you in waking life. Ignoring their opinions might lead to disastrous results.

Dream About General Crow Actions

Crow Dying
To see crow dying in the dream, it foretells that you will make poor decisions in waking life. You are not following your instincts and conducting proper research.

Crow Flying Away
To see crow flying freely in the dream, indicates that you are doing the right thing and trusting your emotions and gut feelings.

Crow Falling from Sky or Caged
To dream about a crow being inside a cage or falling from the sky, suggests that you are having trouble making your own decisions. You rely on others telling you what to do every step of the way. 

Injured Crow Bleeding
To dream about crow bleeding out with blood, reflects that you are an extremely emotional person. You are letting other people getting to you and you are losing all hope and motivation.

Dream About Your Actions Towards the Crow

Feeding Crow
To dream that you are feeding a crow with feed or bread, reflects that you are being open to the unknown. You are confronting and accepting the mystery of life and spiritual dimensions that reside within you. You are offering a piece of your self or life in the search.

Shooting a Crow and Killing Crows
To dream that you are shooting at a crow with a gun and killing it, is a sign that you are unable to give up a vice. The bad habit will eventually bring the doom of you. You are unwilling to accept that you have certain issues that you need to address.

Saving a Crow
Saving a crow from water or certain doom in the dream, foretells that you will exercise your power to bring realization and triumph. You will be able to confront your fears and worries, to bring a higher sense of self.

Hitting a Crow
Hitting a crow or catching it by hand in the dream, foretells that you will suffer some misfortune in gambling. Be aware of handling risky investments or businesses, or you are likely to suffer heavy losses.

Dream About Crow Related Objects and Themes

Crow Eggs
Crow eggs in the dream indicate that you will embrace new opportunities by following your intuition. Particularly, you will profit off another person’s misfortune.

Crows Feet
To dream about crow feet in focus, portends hardships and difficulties awaiting you in the near future. However, you will be able to bypass the problems if you lift your spirit.

Crow Wings
To see crow wings in the dream; it points to some type of blackmailing or threatening actions. Bad events will soon occur that limit your ability.

2 Crows
Dreaming 2 crows suggests that you have been giving out advice to others. However, you have been unable to take in your own advice. Rather than trying to convince others, try to act out of your own advice.

Crow Pet
To see yourself having a crow pet in the dream, foretells that you will conquer and learn from upcoming difficulties and illness.

Crow Feather
Crow feather in the dream is a symbol of change. You will soon have a change of heart and mind due to some stressful news.

Crows Nest
A crows nest in the dream indicates the presence of many problems. You are tackling those problems at the source.

Flock of Crows
Dreaming about a flock or group of crows in the dream, suggests that your wisdom and free will are too easily influenced by others.

Crow Head
A dream focuses on crow’s head, indicates that you have a bad relationship with the bad news of other people. You enjoy hearing about bad events that have happened to others.

Dream About Conditions of the Crow

Dead Crow
Dead crow in the dream is a bad sign. It signifies the death of someone in your family or someone close to you. You will soon be invited to a funeral.

Friendly Crow
A friendly crow in the dream, is a sign that you will soon make your own decisions and mind about something.

Baby Crow
To see a baby crow in the dream, points to a transition in your life. You might be trying something new out of necessity soon.

Blind Crow
To dream about blind crow, portends that you are following your intuitions blindly. Consider spending the time and effort to look at supporting data.

Big Giant Crow
A big giant crow in the dream, forewarns a possibility of some type of disaster or accident. Watch out for unexpected events.

Burning Crow on Fire
To see crow burning on fire in the dream, foretells that you will soon abandon a project or business.

Dream About Colors of the Crow

The colors of the crow can have deeper meanings that relate to your waking life.

Black Crow
The black crow in the dream points to misfortune and bad news.

White Crow
The white crow in the dream indicates relationship problems in your family.

Brown Crow
Dream about brown crow foretells that you will successfully confront your rivals by being practical.

Golden Crow
To see golden crow in the dream, foretells that you will turn misfortune in your business or career into pure profit. You will make the best out of a bad situation.

Pink Crow
The pink crow in the dream suggests that you will go through a grieving or sadness period.

Red Crow
A red crow in the dream points to disagreement with others. You will soon have passionate arguments about certain opinions or intuitions that you hold. Other people might consider you as bad news.

Gray Crow
Gray crow in the dream suggests that you need to rely on your intelligence and developed intuition.

Green Crow
A green crow in the dream relates to issues with your physical or mental health.

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