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Cliff Dream Interpretation — 10 Comments

  1. Morning,I had a dream. I was walking with my young brother on a cliff.we we were scared of falling down.we were too broke we never had any money.later I found my self sleeping in our house then my late grand mother called my name outside the house.we were four in the house but she only called my name.she needed my help. She loved me so much before she died.I woke up immediately.I have been getting dreams whem am with dead people my mom,sister.what does this mean??Does this contribute to my beeing jobless for two years now??

  2. I dreamt that I was hanging off a cliff last night and I thought I was gonna die but I struggled and climbed to the top with all my strength. What could this mean?

  3. I had a dream about hiking with a group of people on some kind of pathway along the cliff leading to a waterfall and grass below, I stepped on the side to look down and then fell but my dad called me and pulled me up after he pulled me up you smiled and jumped. What does this mean?

  4. I dream that i am walking on the road with some people and i saw two brown eggs in a 2 different nest but i just pass by this two nest. As i am walking , someone pushed me into the cliff i fell but somebody gave a helping hand but instead of a hand he/she let me hold on to the long knife and pulled me up. But unfortunately i still fell into the water below the cliff.

  5. I dream that I was with 4 friends and we were on a cliff. One of my friends was explanying some thing about climbing and how its how you feel and something else I don’t remember. After I went I got to the top then the last person was to go. She was scared we had her by a rope but she slipped and she was swinging. We got her up but this was the second time I had this dream the first time she fell.

  6. I that my husband was driving a beautiful cadillac backwards & he drove it off the cliff with me inside & as we where backing up i saw my bestfriend running towards the car telling me to wait & I was becking for her to fun & get in but he was driving to fast. When i saw us close to the edge of a cliff i begged for him to stop but he kept driving until he drove off the cliff as we where falling i looked at him & he just closed his eye’s. After the crash I saw myself searching gor me & him in the rubble I found myself & him & we where like tiny little people it scared me & I woke up.

  7. I was on my bike. i don’t remember how i reached the bottom of the cliff. there was a rope. i used that rope to climb up the cliff.there were trees and branches everywhere. below every trees there were pieces of broken glasses. as i reached to the top, there were other peoples hanging on the edge waiting for being pulled up. i called for help as there were some military guys on the top of clips. the guy hanging next to me tap my arm and said “no its my turn” i complained them about the broken glasses. Strange and weird dream.

  8. i was in the woods with my dad and my daughter it was steep leading to a cliff my daughter tried to go forward and fell and tumbled down the cliff was a horrible dream i had to go phone her after waking up to see if she was ok

  9. I have had this one dream, for a week or so now. I was playing with my friends when a hooded figure with a shadowed face with blue hair and glowing black and white started floating towards me. I looked back, she had killed my friends. I ran up to the top of the cliff, then stood, back to the ocean. She teleported to me, then pushed me off. I was falling for a little while, then hit the ocean hard. I started to drown. I couldn’t swim. *I usually control my dreams and this is at the end of every dream. What is this telling me?

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