Weight Training Dream Interpretation

To dream that you are lifting weights and doing weight training, indicates you are working to improve yourself by giving yourself more pressure and resistance. You aim to become stronger and gain more strength and power. Consider where and how you are weight lifting in the dream to get more detailed dream meanings. However, weight lifting can always relate to the actual exercise if your subconscious mind is practicing.

Lifting Many Weights In Front of Audience
Seeing yourself showing off how much you can lift at a gym, suggests that you are flexing your muscle. You want others to understand who is in charge and who has the most power. You are showing off your abilities and skills to handle tough situations.

Weight Lifting Competition
To dream that you are participating in a weight lifting competition, it foretells that you will be fighting for some type of promotion or title in the dream. The winner of the trophy will be the one who can single handedly handle the most stress and responsibilities.

Resistance Training
Seeing yourself doing strength resistance training, symbolizes that you need to push through negative aspects of yourself to become more powerful. Under your weak areas so you build muscle memory to operate under stressful circumstances. Do not underestimate your resilience to adapt and prosper. Be sensitive about your pain areas and habits, and you will be able to flourish.

Weights Being Too Heavy
To see yourself handlings weights beyond your capability, forewarns that you are chewing more than you could handle. You will encounter serious business and family complications. Perhaps you are taking on too much responsibility at the same time, consider scaling down while you train yourself to be meaner and stronger.

Being Crushed by Weights
To dream that you are being crushed by weights, portends that there is a serious threat to yourself. You are overestimating your own strength to take on missions that cannot be performed by yourself. Perhaps you are preparing for really hard tests or impossible project deadlines. Consider getting help from people who could spot you at the time of need.

Organizing Weights
To dream that you are organizing weights on the gym floor or weight racks, foretells that you will start something laborious. You will clean up your organization and deal with unpopular problems, however your family and organization will become much more efficient and leaner once you finish.

Changing Weights on Gym Equipment
To dream that you are changing and adjusting weights on workout equipment, indicates that you are prioritizing the problems that you are encountering. Perhaps you are making changes to your schedule, you are deciding if you could take on more or less work.

Barbell Weights
Barbell weights in the dream suggests that you have a lot of burdens weighing you down. However, you will be prepared to handle the tasks if you have proper preparation. Do not push yourself over the limit and you will become stronger. You are in charge of the amount of responsibilities, and you will be able to say no to unreasonable requests. You are in charge of your own destiny.

Dumbbell Weights
To dream about dumbbell weights, foretells the need to decide on important issues. You are afraid of making simple mistakes so you try to go for easy options. Sometimes the easy way out is the best and most efficient solution. Do not overthink and complicate things.

Weights Bench
Weights bench in the dream, suggests that you should ask for help from older and more experienced person. Train yourself and build your muscles with the knowledge of others and you should see much better results.

Weight Lifting Belt
To dream about weight lifting belt, indicates that you might face complications to make tough decisions. Use other people’s advice and technology to protect yourself from failures. Have confidence and courage to face down problems. Your back is supported.

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