Termite Dream Meaning – Top 6 Dreams About Termite

Did you dream about termites? Termites in your dream represent a stealth attack on your soul, being, or situation without you realizing or observing. It relates to some form of sneaky sabotage and subterfuge that could destroy the life that you love. Below we will help you with more specific termite dream interpretations.

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Dream About Seeing Termites

Dream About Flying Termites
To dream about winged termites flying out of lumber or wooden buildings indicates observable negative influences in your life. Be careful about those influences negatively affecting your environment. These bad people or mindsets will launch attacks against your soul and beliefs. They will make you weak, hollow, and full of doubts.

Dream About Termite Droppings
To see termite droppings in the dream; indicates that your lack of motivation and action is now starting to show in your daily life. Other people are noticing your lack of action and results. They might punish you and make your life miserable. On the other hand, it could also suggest that your luck may be changing soon, like in a poop dream. But you have to be willing to make positive changes.

Dream About House Full of Termite
Seeing a house full of live or dead termites; suggests that there will be a certain major illness or even death in your family. It could also relate to a household with very little disposable income. Consider taking a hard look at your finances. Perhaps you are losing a significant amount of money due to late fees, debts, or other bad minor financial decisions. The small bad monetary decisions will lead to major debt holes.

Dream About Termite Damage
To dream about termite-damaged wood or building like a shed or warehouse; indicates that you will suffer heavy financial damage due to your seemingly harmless habits. Perhaps gambling, smoking, or other vices is now finally going to take their toll on your life. You have been careless because it did not show any sign of damage before.

Dream About Action Towards Termites

Dream About Killing Termites
Killing termites in the dream suggests that you will find and kill off toxic relationships shortly. Perhaps the bad habits of a certain individual are eating away your goodwill towards them. You are finally going to call it to quit for your own benefit and sanity.

Dream About Tented Termite Pest Control
To dream about termite pest control; foretells that you will take drastic but reasonable measures to rid yourself of negative influences. Consider taking some time out of your usual environment so that you can deal with issues objectively. Prepare to pack your emotions and necessary precautions against potential hazardous setbacks.

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