Bait Dream Interpretation

Seeing or using baits in your dream, indicates that you are fishing for a deal or clients. You are playing the waiting game after putting out your offering, and you hope that others would bite. Specifically, you might start by offering something for free like a advertised promotional giveaway or trial period of your services. Below are more specific bait related dream interpretations.

Dream About Losing Bait
Losing your bait in the dream, suggests a total loss of your investments and time. Perhaps you were trying to lure customers with specials and promotions. The dream foretells that customers would only take the offers, but not spend anymore money after that initial trials. Consider working on your overall package, before putting out money losing baits.

Dream About Bait Fishing
To dream that you are using baits to fish, foretells that you have a strong desire to entice someone doing into something. Specifically, that something will hugely benefit you and have a conflict of interest with others.

Dream About Buying Baits
Buying baits in the dream, foretells that you will spend time and effort to repackage and reinvent yourself. You are doing whatever it takes to convince others of your abilities. Be aware of not stepping into the boundary of fake promises, as you could hurt your reputation for the long haul.

Dream About Placing Bait Types
To dream that you are placing baits, consider the type of bait that is being used in the dream, as they might offer you subtle clues on how you should proceed to convince others into doing your bidding. For example, bread baits might refer to the lure of monetary rewards. Maggot baits may refer to the life threatening dangers.

Dream About Being a Bait
To see yourself being a bait in some type of trap or situation, is a sign that you are being mislead and duped in a bigger scam or fraudulent scheme. Be careful if you are being promised riches or success in pyramid schemes where you have to recruit others, you are being used to lead others into the same trap.

Dream About Fishing with Empty Bait
Dreaming that you are fishing with empty baits, is a sign that your reputation precedes you. What you have done in the past has been recognized, and you will have easier time to land new business and clients going forward. By simply showing up and share you ideas, you will be able to get followers who will support you.

Dream About Someone Holding Baits
Seeing someone holding out baits in the dream, symbolizes that he or she is being manipulative with their words and actions. They are trying to nudge you towards certain direction that suits their benefits and visions.

Dream About Eating Baits
Eating baits in the dream, points to your lack of willpower against instant gratifications and their vices. You are falling in deep with habits that can bring harm to your body and mind. In addition, you might be manipulated by the masses without realizing it. Spend time to consider everything you do, and why you do them, you might have better time to resist these outside influences.

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