Gas Dream Meaning – Top 17 Dreams About Gases

Did you dream about gas? It suggests that you need to be re-energized and seek out renewed motivation. Transform certain grounded energy or thoughts into actionable heat. However, you are having trouble getting ahold of this power without proper preparation or setup. Put yourself in situations where you can access and implement such energy. Below we will help you discover more gas dream meanings.

Please note this dream interpretation is written for natural gas and its associated forms. If you are looking for fuel-related dream interpretation, please check out gasoline dream meanings.

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Dream About Gas Related Appliances and Tools

Gas Stove
To see a domestic gas stove for your kitchen in the dream; points to your domestic focus for family, progress, and momentum. You are directing your effort and energy into cooking up a healthy lifestyle for you and your family.

Gas Lamp
To dream that you are using a gas lamp to light up the dark; indicates that you will transform gas energy into a lighting source like a lightbulb. Enlightened with a bright idea or atmosphere. The idea will guide you the way to greatness.

Gas Chamber
To dream that you are trapped in a gas chamber in danger of being executed; suggests that you are in a toxic place. The negativity is harmful to your well-being. Perhaps you are working in a poisonous workplace, or suffering in an abusive relationship. It is causing you much sickness and distress.

Gas Cooker or BBQ Grill
To see a propane gas-powered barbecue grill or cooker; indicates that you have power words. You hold the key to inspire and motivate great results. Be careful about what you say. Be passionate about your team and projects. And your fire will bring greatness in waking life.

Dream About Gas Containers

Gas Cylinder Tank
To dream about a gas cylinder tank; suggests that you have difficulty in understanding yourself. You are very controlling and reserved in what you say or do. Try to redirect your energy where you are likely to succeed.

Gas Mask
A gas mask in the dream indicates that the information that you get is filtered. A sea of fake news, gossip, and rumors may soon surround you. Take the extra time to validate the data or ideas said to you. You may be fragile or vulnerable to falsehoods.

Gas Balloon
To dream about a helium gas balloon; suggests that you are feeling good about what is happening. You may soon attend special and joyful events such as wedding or birthday parties.

Gas Bottle or Gas Can
To see a small gas bottle or pressured can; foretells that you will get into quick business or others. You may soon advise others about your own experiences.

Dream About Gas Related Troubles

Gas Leak in House
To dream about a gas leak in your apartment or house; suggests that negligence will cause major accidents or problems shortly. Watch out for harsh feelings or even sabotage within your household or organization. Fix the problem soon or you may end up with catastrophic explosive bomb results.

Gas Catching Fire
To see gas being lit on fire; forewarns that your work will soon have some type of chemical reaction. Watch out for shock, risks, and dangers. Control the situation before anything gets out of hand.

Gas Cylinder Blast, Burst, or Explosion
To dream about a gas cylinder exploding; foretells that you will witness the failure of other people. Someone in your waking life may get fired from an important job. Or seemingly happy couples may split and divorce.

Gas Smell
Gas smell in the dream points to certain problems in waking life. Perhaps you are trying too hard at something. Be careful of burning out. Plug your weakness and be smart about how to approach problems.

Empty Gas Cylinder
To see an empty gas cylinder; suggests that you are burning out of your motivations. You are feeling overextended. Consider taking a vacation. Re-energize and recharge your mental battery.

Dream About Different Types of Gasses

Toxic Gas and Poison Gas
To dream about toxic or poisonous gas; indicates that you are facing extraordinary issues and times. You will need great will power to overcome the obstacles. You will become discouraged because of the toxicity of your environment. Stay strong so that you do not die inside or commit suicide.

Tear Gas
To see or experience tear gas in the dream; forewarns that someone will take drastic measures to silence you. Perhaps you are protesting or voicing certain concerns with a crowd. Watch out that you may get shut down and retaliated against.

Propane Gas or Natural Gas
To see natural gas in the dream; suggests that you need to stay grounded. Use your inner motivation and power to achieve great results.

Passing Gas
Dreaming that you are passing gas during bad times; predicts that you are losing control over the situation.

Liquid Gas
To dream about liquid gas that is ice cold; points to a likely complication of the situation. Be careful about your actions moving forward. Seemingly harmless exchanges can lead to explosive results.

Helium Gas
To dream about helium gas; foretells that you will go on a joyful adventure. You will lift yourself higher through good reputation and relationship with others.

Laughing Gas
To dream about you breathing in laughing gas; forewarns that you will soon encounter a stressful situation like surgery or dentist appointment. Try to take a deep breath. Use comedy and humor to make the situation seem better. Do not be afraid and face your fear head-on. Laugh things off when necessary.

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