Snow Dream Interpretation

Did you dream about snow? Snow relates to cold emotion, hiding, a new beginning, and confusion. Snow in dreams can have different meanings depending on the context of the dream. Always take into how you feel and how you interact with the snow itself within the dream to get an accurate interpretation. Take all symbols and events into interpretation now to analyze your snowy dreams.

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We will first lay out some general concepts of seeing and experiencing snow within your dream. Then we will go deeper into the various symbols that snow may mean.

Lastly, take into consideration whether or not you live in an area with consistent yearly snowfalls. If your area gets snowfalls every year, then some of the actions or symbols here can mean much less. For example, building a snowman could mean less if you have made snowman often in life. The reason is that your dream may be a simple reflection or recall of your actual life experience, instead of having a deeper secondary meaning.

General Snow Dream Symbols


Snow as a state of cold emotion in Dreams
Snow, as a form of water, often relate to the state of your emotions and how you feel about things. A dream featuring snow indicates the area where you feel cold and emotionally distant. Snow dreams can occur at a time where you feel emotionally exhausted, say at the time of a breakup. The dreamworld that you have created may feature snowy weather together with your ex boyfriend/girlfriend or ex wife/husband. The snow backdrop or weather can symbolize a period of time where your heart feels cold and alone.

Snow as a method of hiding and forgetting
Snow, as a natural concealer, can hide things that you want to be hidden. If the snow covers objects in full in your dream, you may want a particular area to be hidden or even forgotten.


Snow as a beginning of an end to a new beginning
When the dream’s background includes thawing or melting snow, it indicates that a whole new beginning is just starting. The cold winter is coming to an end, and you are ready to embrace the warmer spring once the snow melts away. The melting snow can represent new hope and personal growth.

Snow as a Magical White and Pure Dream Symbol
Together with the sunlight, starlight, or moonlight, the experience of snow is truly magical white, and pure. The snow in this context is a sign of deep emotional peace and a sense of psychological clearance. The presence of snowflakes can also be magical to help you appreciate every little thing in life.

Snow as a dream representation of a confused feeling
The falling of snow can often block your views and line of sight. With the snow falling at full force, it may be time to slow down or even stop. Think about your future courses of action before pressing ahead against with your venture or goals.

General Snow Dream Context Symbols

Snow Storm or Blizzard

Experiencing a snowstorm is a powerful symbol within your dream. With the snow falling down hard, you are stuck with where you are and you have trouble seeing your surroundings. In addition, the weather will be cold and you will often feel a hopeless feeling if you are in the midst of it without protection.

Snowstorm dreams typically represent difficult, hopeless, and loveless times in your life. Time to stop what you are doing if you feel depressed while having a snowstorm dream. Seek shelter and support from your family and friends before you gather yourself again.

If you are feeling cold and freezing within the snowstorm dream, it verifies that your heart is turning cold. Everything or everyone around you feels distant and isolated.

Out of Season Snow

Depending on the timing of the snowfall that you see throughout the year out of season, they can have slightly different dream meanings. However, if the snowfall is a heavy snowstorm, then the snowstorm symbolism of confusion and depression overtake these definitions.

Seeing Snow in Summer in a Dream means that you will be pleasantly surprised.

Seeing Snow in Autumn or Fall in your dream means that you will achieve success in business. As your planned product launches or other time, sensitive projects may be able to start earlier.

Seeing Snow in Spring in your dream means that you may face minor difficulties in situations.

If the snowfall is peaceful and without a season backdrop from your dream’s mind, then it symbolizes falling in you and giving your heart to someone else.

Driving or Walking Through Snow

Moving about in a snow road or field either in a vehicle or on foot requires extra attention. The snows may have covered up some unseen potholes that can be. The dream is a reminder that you should be extra cautious during this time of life, move slowly, and prepare for your every move. Watch out for hidden obstacles that can put yourself in danger.

If the heavy snow is falling while you are traveling, it suggests that other factors will cloud your judgments in making decisions. Your subconscious mind is teaching to stay calm no matter what the situation. If the time really gets bad, stop and rest before you can move again.

Dream About Eating Snow

Eating snow in the dream reflects your inner mind’s display of innocence and youth. Eating the white snow also takes a part of that purity and perfection into yourself. Perhaps you would like to be more pure and innocent in your own thoughts. You will get rid of your troubles easily and be more like your much younger self.

Plowing or Shoveling Snow

Plowing or Shoveling Snow filled roads means that you work hard and only do good deeds for the others. Consider how you feel or the occasion of having to shovel the snow out of your roadway or driveway. Are you happy, angry, or tired when you do the deed? The dream may be a good place for you to reflect your own motivations in helping others.

If you are shoveling or clearing the snow out of your own driveway, the action represents that the worst of winter is over, and you are now preparing for a new chapter in your life. However, you need to put in extra effort to prepare that starting roadway, or else it can become slippery and hard to travel.

Snow Avalanche

Similar to a Tidal Wave or Tsunami dream symbol, Snow Avalanche is a deadly force that can cover and destroy everything in its path. In a sense, snow avalanche is typically triggered by your own aggressive behaviors which cause chain effects. For example, a gunshot or explosives can effectively trigger and start the avalanche. Dreaming about snow avalanche means that you need to be on the lookout for your self-destructive behavior or habits.

The snow avalanche can also be a violent attempt at destroying and covering up any past events. Perhaps you have had some major events that happened recently, and you want to hide all traces of it and forget about your past.

Buried in Snow

Consider whether or not you can get out the snow yourself, or if you are completely trapped by the weight of the snow. To be buried in snow can be a sign of “feeling snowed under”, if you cannot get out, it represents that the responsibility is too much for you to handle. This is especially true if the snow burying dream occurs after an Avalanche. Some big accident has happened, and you cannot escape other than becoming trapped deep under the layers of heavy snow.

If you buried yourself completely in the snow on purpose, it suggests that there are parts of you that you do not want others to know. You want to keep all or a part of yourself hidden from others and keep as a secret.

Dream About Snow Mountain

Dreams with fully snow-capped mountaintop or peaks completely foretell the fulfillment of your goals. The opposite holds true if the snow does not cover the mountain peak in your dream, your wishes and goals are not likely to be fulfilled. Other tasks and distractions are likely to stop you.

If the mountain peak snow is starting to melt in the dream, it signifies a start or a transition to a whole new period of your life. The winter is ending and you should prepare for a new beginning.

Dream About Snow’s Quality

Dirty Snow on the Ground
The Dirty or tainted snow represents that your heart and mind are no longer pure and innocent.

Dirty Snow Falling from Sky
The dream suggests that your health will take a turn for the worse.

Big Snowflakes
You will have serious discussions with your loved ones.

Pure White Snow
It symbolizes a person whom you think is perfect in life. It also symbolizes a stable and harmonious marriage.

Dream About Snow Meanings

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