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When you dream about your abdomen and stomach, the symbols of abdomen refers to your natural instincts and repressed emotions. The stomach itself refers to the changes that you have to “stomach” and take in. The stomach can also be expanded to include changing elements of property, family, and friends.

However, dreaming about stomach area could also mean that you are simply experiencing some real stomachache while sleeping. But if you wake up in the middle of the dream without actually experiencing pain due to constipation or indigestion, the symbols behind dreaming about Abdomen and stomach areas can have some meanings.

Dream About Stomach Ache and Pain
Swollen Abdomen: To dream that your abdomen is swollen, indicates that some new project is in the works that may be hard to digest for you.

Dream About Stomach Cut and Exposed Abdomen
To dream that you abdomen is exposed, signifies trust and vulnerability, which could mean that your family or business may be temporarily put out of commission and become dysfunctional. You may be expressing a desire to express your primal emotions/instincts.

If you are dreaming about your abdomen or stomach area being wounded such as being stabbed or shot, take note of the items or person wounding your stomach area. They may symbolize who are trying to hurt your family or business.

-Bleeding Stomach: It symbolizes that your stomach wound is still there. You will need to find a cure and fix your situation.

-Hole in Stomach: It symbolizes that something in your family or business is missing. It does not cause damage yet but you should do so before it starts bleeding.

Dream About Having a Big Fat Stomach
You are ready to take in more changes and challenges. It may mean that it is time to expand your relationship with other people or expand your business.

Dream About Having a Hairy Stomach
Hair represents money and longevity. Having hair growing on your stomach means that your business is bringing you more wealth and expanding your influence against the competitors.

Dream About Stomach Cancer
Dreaming of Stomach Cancer foretells sorrow in your family life. Someone close to you in your family may be falling apart. However, dreaming about successful treatment from stomach cancer may mean that you are curing that family situation, or at least you are in the process of finding a cure.

Dream About Stomach and Abdomen Operation Surgery
Dreaming about an operation surgery for your stomach and abdomen area means that you are applying fixes to the weaknesses that you have towards changes and emotions. You are working on your emotions to be able to handle more adversities.

Dream About Having a Baby in Your Stomach
You may want to read upon the notes on being pregnant in dreams when you encounter having babies in your dream.

However, if you dream that yourself is a baby inside a stomach or womb. It means that you feel needy and dependent, you wish for family comfort and needs.


Abdomen and Stomach Dream Interpretation — 9 Comments

  1. Well none of these are what I had a dream about almost but not I had a dream that I was 16 weeks pregnant and I had to have surgery I don’t no why and I was so upset about the baby? What could this mean

  2. I had a dream that black buttons where growing from my stomach and i could not take them off. The i noticed that buttong where beginning to grow out of my arms. Then i woke up. I can not find any info about it

  3. I had a dream I was stabbed in the stomach multiple times while trying to flee from someone that approached me. I tried to flee on a bicycle.

  4. My dream was me waking up from surgery the Dr said he removed my appendix and a bird that was trapped in my stomach? Very weird

  5. In my dream I was walking in the street and all of a sudden I had to cut my stomach down the middle to deliver my babies more than one and they looked undeveloped when i took them out and i put each one in my pouch of my sweater and then after I had to walk to look for help to go to the hospital.

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