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Abdomen and Stomach Dream Interpretation — 16 Comments

  1. Well none of these are what I had a dream about almost but not I had a dream that I was 16 weeks pregnant and I had to have surgery I don’t no why and I was so upset about the baby? What could this mean

  2. I had a dream that black buttons where growing from my stomach and i could not take them off. The i noticed that buttong where beginning to grow out of my arms. Then i woke up. I can not find any info about it

  3. I had a dream I was stabbed in the stomach multiple times while trying to flee from someone that approached me. I tried to flee on a bicycle.

  4. My dream was me waking up from surgery the Dr said he removed my appendix and a bird that was trapped in my stomach? Very weird

  5. In my dream I was walking in the street and all of a sudden I had to cut my stomach down the middle to deliver my babies more than one and they looked undeveloped when i took them out and i put each one in my pouch of my sweater and then after I had to walk to look for help to go to the hospital.

  6. I dreamt not just once but 3 or 4 times about my belly button being pushed so hard by someone that it made me feel like i’m gonna die if i can’t wake up…the pain was real but immediately vanished as soon as i woke up..anybody ecperienced the same? Im a bit worried.

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