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  1. i had a dream my boyfriend proposed to me in a place that seem like a crusade ground with my pastors and few church members present. its like the proposal was pre-arranged, but i was not aware.
    it was without a ring though,he put something in my palm which i didnt really know

  2. I had a dream he proposed to me. I can not fathom how that could mean I’m not romantically involved. I am in love with this man and have been for 4 years and about 10 months. I guess the thing about it is I just had a baby and I am have post partum emotions. I crave marriage so bad at this point. It feels like I may be waiting forever to make this forever for real.

  3. I had a dream about a an arranged marriage proposal from a family that my family and I have known for years and I’ve secretly liked the guy eversince I was young and now am very serious about him. Both our family sitting down and having that arranged marriage proposal but it wasn’t being forced upon me.

    • The exact dream for me i want to know what does it means so badly cause i love my girl from past 8 years since i was 10 but unable to express my feelings due to fear of losing her. I want to know the meaning of dream of marriage proposal from her as an arranged marriage and dose not even felt to be forced!!!

  4. Pls i had a dream two rich guys were fighting over,each of the confessing his love for me in front of each other. finally one proposed to me with a gold bangle and i accepted. What does it means pls

  5. I had a dream that I went into labor without knowing i was pregnant. i gave birth to a baby girl. i was so angry at my boyfriend for not being there that i didn’t want him to even help raise the baby anymore. however, he kept trying to convince me to see his child. finally, i allow him to see his baby, and we both cry of joh. as he is carrying the baby, he pulls out an ugly ring (because that’s all he could afford) and tells me it’s now the right time to get married since we have a baby, and we’ve been dating for 4 years. i cry and i let him put the ring on my finger and i am filled with joy as is he. we turn around and all our family is crying of joy and they are so happy for us. and then that’s when i wake up.

  6. I dream that i was with boyfriend and he was proving how he care for me and many other things so what does that mean pls?

  7. I dream that a guy that I’m love love with showed me a engagement ring and told me he was proposing to his girlfriend. Can you tell me what that means please

  8. I had a dream that a stranger proposed to me & the ring was super hideous. I am in a relationship with someone & he wasn’t the man in my dream. I’m wondering if because the ring was ugly & he was a stranger that they cancel each other out? Lol.

    • I had same dream last night. I am in a relationship but the man in my dream isn’t someone I came with his family to ask for my hand in marriage and they accepted. I did as well and saw myself planning my wedding. I also became endeared to this stranger. He called me sweetie and I answered. Lol. But somewhere along the line, I saw my boyfriend’s face in the dream. Can’t remember that part.

  9. my gf dreamt i went to propose but i had the ring and didnt and took the ring and myself away,walked off…this is not in my plans at all to do that to her.
    she saw the ring.
    she has tons of issues with a stalker ex and other issues with people taking her for granted and i tell her all the time i wont and dont…
    is that related…
    she had a dream before the night before she was warned she would have a casual affair also.

  10. I had a dream of my deceased boyfriend. Also the father of our 1 year old baby girl. In the dream i was so glad to see him. He purposed with the most beautiful ring. I said yes, we kissed and i woke up. 🙁

  11. I woke up with this dream today , I saw myself proposed by my father’s baby whose married to another woman now we were in an open place like a play grounds full of people and there were old men and women they brought a brown goat they did a toast that we are getting married they bought my son with us he’s now 7years old and it seems that we also having a 2year old baby girl and then he left bcz it was getting late and his family members were in a hurry to go back and I started having something like period pains in a dream after that I woke up. May you please answer me via my email address
    thank you

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  12. I am happy and glad that i heard about the ugly ring coz i have accepted the ring in my dream and it was from my current boyfriend.
    Thankyou so much

  13. i didn’t find the answer i wanted,so i hope one of you could explain it to me.In my dream we just went out of some place and then my crush told me to meet him at his house as he said that he had brought something home for me.so one evening after school or something i went on his way to his house.then i saw some of my friends and other familiar faces and then someone proposed to me and then when i looked up to see his face it was not my crush and i was so disapponted and shocked that i nearly cried but i accepted it anyway and there was a ring but then later i felt guitly towards that person because i didn’t like or love him at all so i was on my way to decline it but then i awoke from my dream.i also wanted to say that the person who proposed to me i don’t even like him in real life and are families are close and i never even think of him not once he was just like an elder brother to me and my crush his older than me and goes to college now and in the evening i found that he had a girlfriend and i was so sad and then that night i had this dream so can somebody please tell explain to me about this?

  14. I had a dream that Prince Charles was in love with me and proposed.
    In the dream he was younger and not married? Any ideas?

  15. I’m trying to find the meaning of this dream.
    My friend who has past away was the one you proposed to me. Giving me a ring and planning our wedding which was to take place within just days.

  16. I had a dream that was so clear a married friend who I have had romantic relations with in the past asked me to marry him and I excepted his proposal and was given his wedding band and his family was told and they were very excited and had been waiting for this for a very long time for his happiness my family was also very excited. Help what does this mean?

  17. I dreamt that my boyfriend prepared for our wedding without my knowledge. He literally prepared everything from invitation to entourage to the reception. I was surprised but overwhelmed

  18. I had a dream that my BF who i’m seriously starting to wonder might propose over the holiday season gave me a very ugly but expensive ring. He gave me to opitions and both were horrible but I knew no matter what I was going to accept.

  19. Last night I dreamed that a beautiful unknown man saw me, was enamored with me, kissed me and it was a magical kiss and by the end of the dream he asked me to marry him and I said yes. And I was thrilled. Showed my daughter and she was thrilled. The ring was amazingly beautiful like enamel with a big diamond. Crazy dream. Never had one like this before. Big transition coming? Discovering myself in 2018? I think the dream interpretation may be on point here.

  20. I had a dream recently where my boyfriend said nothing to me but in my dream there was a women I didnt know but got the feeling that her and I were friends and my boyfriend sent her a wedding proposal b sending her a wedding dress with a note attached to the dress asking her to meet him at the church. What does this mean

  21. I had a dream that someone was proposing to me, but I couldn’t tell who it was. The engagement ring was beautiful. I didn’t dream of the wedding, but I still had on the wedding ring. I am still confused if my ex-boyfriend was a part of it. If it was him, I felt uneasy about everything. The whole entire dream I was fidgeting with the rings like I was nervous/uneasy. Would the uneasy feeling be valid to my dream? What does it all mean?

  22. i had a dream my boyfriend proposed to me and he gave me a plastic ring with some silver on it i was very happy, and my sister was present (witness) so when my boyfriend left i told my sister that i really wanted a metallic ring though then my sister said that at least he has proposed to you.what does that mean?

  23. What does dreaming about being proposed to and rejecting it mean? I can find all sorts of interpretations of proposals in dreams, but nothing on what rejecting it means. To flesh out the dream, there were two people about to propose to me, one was a stranger, the other my best male friend. I made up my mind to accept who ever asked first, but secretly wanted it to be the stranger. Instead my friend asked, and I immediately covered my face and shook my head saying “I can’t do this.” He graciously said “I understand” and walked away. end dream.

  24. Seeing a man talking to my mother that he reject me to marry, what does it mean he’s my childhood court me when we were young and already married?

  25. I had a dream about my ex boyfriend having 2 silver engagement rings and taking pictures with his ex girlfriend, what does it really mean.

  26. I had a dream about my first boyfriend who passed away. I was on a plane and on a piece of paper I was looking at. I had written are you asking me to marry you? in green writing there was a big NO, then at the bottom of the page he had written of course I am then a Stewardess came by with pink diamond earrings….

  27. I dream about my crush ? Friend ? But he didn’t know that i like him so much we are in long distance but we are not in relationship we contact each other tru messenger sometimes hes not replting back because of his busy in ol gaming but i understand but he said to me even hes not replying hes not chatting with other girls last time we talk he want to say something i dont know what is it but sad he did not say what he want to say and in february in my eigteen birthday we want to see each other and last night i dream about him proposing to me it’s my first time to dream like this , the ring is kinda not ugly for me because its not just an ordinary because its from his grandparents so im so happy so before he propose he said that even hes not replying to my chats hes chatting other woman what is that mean ?

  28. The exact dream for me i want to know what does it means so badly cause i love my girl from past 8 years since i was 10 but unable to express my feelings due to fear of losing her. I want to know the meaning of dream of marriage proposal from her as an arranged marriage and dose not even felt to be forced!!!

  29. I had a dream about someone from my past I don’t want to remember send me a message in my phone saying can you marry me

  30. I dreamt my boyfriend and I where going for a walk where he stopped me on my tracks he then got down on one knee and was nervous as anything he struggled to get his words out while holding the ring I then heared the words will you marry me I jumped on him with excitement. I was looking at the ring when it was on my finger half was black and the otherside was beautiful but I didn’t mined as I was happy. Is there a reason why this dream happened? As its only been three years together.

  31. I had a dream my ex girlfriend was getting married this is the second time, I’m totally convinced! It hasn’t even been a month yet my goodness.

  32. I am separated from my husband for about a year-and-a-half and I start having dreams about him proposing to me in the church and I didn’t accept it. I wake up crying.

  33. I had a dream when someone I did not know is asking my hands in marriage.so on my way to meet up with the person somewhere I met a friend(henry osihro) who i am not romantically involved with….And he said to me where are u heading to and I replied am heading to a building block which I could not remember the number of the building now and Henry osihro replied and said to me…..Eunice I really liked u and I want to marry u and spend the rest of my life with u….Then I was surprised in the dream……

  34. I had a dream of being at a wedding.At the end of that wedding a man can to me and said that he seen me from a far and would I marry him. But frist I must see his mother. I said yes. I was happy

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