Lingerie Dream Meaning – Top 8 Dreams About Lingerie

Did you dream about lingerie? Lingerie in dreams represents your sexual identity, desires, and body image. You are recognizing and feel open about an aspect of yourself to the ones close to you. Perhaps you are opening a part of yourself that has never been shown to your spouse and close friends.

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Dream About Wearing Lingerie

Wearing Lingerie in Bedroom
To dream that you are wearing lingerie in the bedroom or on the mattress bed; suggests that you will perform for a small group of audiences in an intimate setting. You will not disappoint other people’s expectations and you have strong confidence that you will perform well.

Dream About Someone Else Wearing Lingerie
To dream that your wife wearing lingerie, foretells that she will entice you and draw your attention about something. However, if some else wears lingerie in the dream; you should be more attentive to potential seducers that could lead to affairs or cheating.

Wearing Lingerie in Public
To dream that you are wearing lingerie, reflects that you are extremely comfortable. You feel positive about the way that you are communicating with the outside world. However, if you are feeling ashamed about it; it indicates fear and shame associated with your sexuality or hidden desires being made known.

Dream About Buying Lingerie

Trying on Lingerie
Dreaming that you are trying on lingerie, suggests that you are trying to fulfill a sexual and emotional need. Perhaps you wish to change your image or attitude, so that you will be treated differently.

Giving Lingerie as a Gift
To dream that you are giving someone lingerie as a gift; suggests that you are trying to receive a more intimate relationship with another person. You are compensating for your lack of intimate acts and wishing to make a new spark in your love life.

Negative Dreams About Lingerie

Ugly Lingerie
To dream about ugly lingerie, is a reflection of your own body image and self-esteem. You may feel unattractive and feel that there is nothing you could do. Perhaps you are afraid of people judging how you look.

Unknown Lingerie
To see a stranger’s lingerie in your personal space in the dream, portends that your companion and spouse will possibly betray you similar to a lipstick stain dream.

Lingerie Not Fitting
To dream about lingerie not fitting you, is a bad sign that there will be troubles in your family and love life. You are not meeting the expectations of your partner.

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