Towel Dream Interpretation

To dream about towels in dreams, suggests that you need to clear out yourself of past emotions before moving on. With some type of closure or resolution, your past feelings will creep into and affect your current life. The dream could also be interpreted differently depending on the context of the towel dream and its appearances.

Dream About Buying New Towels
Buying new towels in the dream, suggests that you will soon have a fresh start. You are preparing to get your hands dirty through certain training course, project at home, or new relationship. You are on track to face a new phase of challenges that will be comprised of sweat, blood, and tears.

Dream About Washing Stained or Dirty Towels
To dream that you are washing dirty towels, indicates that you are trying to clear up your tainted image or reputation. Perhaps you have tried to cover up damage recently in regards to your actions and decisions, and now you are trying to recover so that you could move forward.

Dream About Folding Towels
Folding towels in the dream, suggests that there are strong feelings that you do not want to reveal to your friends and family about something. Particularly you feel shameful about certain situations.

Dream About Wearing Towel
To wear towels and nothing else the dream, is a sign that you are ready to expose your true self. You are willing to be vulnerable and open yourself to others. You do not want to hide what you have been trying to hide for a long time, but you are almost ready to face down your emotions.

Dream About Throwing a Towel
To throw a towel in the dream, indicates that you might feel stumped and consider quitting in your waking hours. You are putting a stop towards your project and endeavors and admit defeat.

Dream About Soaking Wet Towel
Wet towels in dreams, suggest that you are overflowing with emotions. You may not be able to handle yourself anymore, consider to find certain support network to help you deal with your feelings.

Dream About Bath Towel
Bath towels in the dream, foretells that you have a strong desire to be intimate and have sexual relationship.

Dream About Beach Towel
Using beach towels in dreams, symbolizes that you are suffering imbalances and emotional issues between your materialist nature and spiritual nature. You will need to patch up the disconnect between your earthly desires and higher callings emotionally.

Dream About Sanitary Towel
To use sanitary towels during menstruation in the dream, is a sign that you are trying to wipe and erase some guilt that you feel. You are simply trying to toss away unpleasant life situation.

Dream About Face Towel
Face towels in the dream, indicates that you care much about your outward image and cleanliness. Perhaps you are careful about letting others know of your secret desires.

Dream About Baby Towels
Seeing baby towels in the dream, foretells that you or someone in your family will be expecting newborn into the family soon.

Dream About Tea Towel
Tea towels in dreams, foretells that you will have certain addition to your family. Be prepared as life may become hectic in the near term. But you will be able to transit effortlessly because you are well prepared.

Dream About Big Towel
To see a big towel in the dream, foretells that you will have a mate soon whom you will share your dirty secrets, emotions, and feelings with.

Dream About Kitchen Towel
Using kitchen towels in the dream, foretells that you will work hard to maintain your career or professional reputations. There are certain clean up that will significantly impact your lively hood and ability to conduct more business.

Dream About Paper Towel
To see or use paper towels in the dream, suggests that you are experiencing some temporary setbacks. However, you are likely to quickly clean up the issues and move forward. Be prepared so that you could easily tap into your resources when things go wrong.

Dream About Old Towel
Old towels in the dream, represents some form of baggage and wisdom that comes from experience. You know more about yourself and how you respond to stimuli and issues. You could quickly collect and clean your own emotions when things do not go your way.

Dream About White Towel
White towels in the dream, represents some form of blank state. You seek simplicity.

Dream About Blue Towel
Blue towels in dream, reflects a need for you to control your emotions. You will be able to calm down quickly.

Dream About Pink Towel
Pink towels in dream indicates that someone will propose marriage or get married soon.

Dream About Red Towel
Red towels in the dream, refers to type of passion and love. Perhaps it could even relate to affairs and infidelity.

Dream About Yellow Towel
Yellow towels in the dream, signals that you will soon recover from your sickness.

Dream About Green Towel
Green towels in the dream, represents situation that you wish to wipe away as if they have never happened. So you could start your life again.

Dream About Brown Towel
Seeing brown towels in the dream, is a sign that you will soon make great profits to solving other people’s problems.

Dream About Black Towel
Black towels in the dream, forewarns that you will suffer a mysterious sickness or loss. You will suffer a period of grief.

Dream About Orange Towel
Orange towels in the dream, foretells that you will rely on your social circle to assist you with dealings of emotional problems. Perhaps you will confide in a circle of close friends to get your closure.

Dream About Purple Towel
Seeing purple towels in the dream, signals that you will soon attend a lavish party that help you forget about your temporary sorrows.

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