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  1. I dreamt I was riding bicycle in heavy rain, because the whole ground was full of erosion but I the not have problem riding my bike.

  2. I had a dream I was clearing out a storage shed and found my bike but then it went missing and I walked around for miles uphill to find it.

  3. I had a dream I was driving a car (I can’t drive in reality). Then some how transition to riding a bike. Then as I stop riding the bike is broken pieces. This all happens in a very familiar neighborhood.

  4. I had dream were I parked bicycle inside church compound and chain it and after church I saw another bicycle at the same place I parked with the same chain and padlock I used so, I opened it and ride back home. And the bicycle is too fine than my own.

  5. I rarely walk anywhere, and I’m quite tubbalard-lardish and overweight, this is because I drive everywhere. I do have a mountain bike which I rarely use because of my weight issue. About 3 years back, I used to ride it a lot and often to my workplace, which is approx 7&half miles from my house.

    So I had this dream tht my room had been ransacked, all my photo, pictures, ornaments, stereo and tv had just disappeared from my room – the only thing in the room besides a new bed with a new mattress, was a brand new chrome yellow mountain bike with titanium bar-ends. It was very perplexing but at the same time gorgeous. I just kept wondering, what does this mean?

    The bed had no bedding on it. The room was lightly festooned with creamy white coloured like paper you get in shoes boxes with brand new shoes.

    I didn’t notice whether the bike was branded or not – it appeared hand made, bespoke sort of like, a-one-off model.

  6. 3girls riding bicycle downhill in fun in speed and going through sharp turns and reached thier finish point with joyfull mood to their fathers house. i in the dream is just like an audience watching all the moments.

  7. Day before yestar night I had a dream. It was about my cycle. Though I have bike but in the dream I saw I was running my old cycle. Which I placed in my factory. When I went to the road suddenly my cycle’s handle broke.and I rushed to the repairing shop.There that person took high charge..

    I don’t know why it came in my dream…

  8. The top half of this interpretation is so american. The idea that adults don’t ride bikes unless their car is out of commission is ridiculous is many parts of the world. London for one is full of cyclists so it’s not considered a ‘young adolescent’ activity

  9. i believe no one is able to interpret somebody’s dream because each person of us has his own life, experiences, feelings toward something (things we see in dreams and have a certain attitude towards it in real life) .. “ONLY YOU CAN UNDERSTAND YOUR OWN DREAM” by -me-

  10. I dream I was on a bike with two men and d bike man said he want to buy fuel and we all get down from d bike and I saw a lady selling cloth and I bought two colorful gown from her and d bike man did not carry me again

  11. I dreamed seeing a old fashion beige ten speed coming towards me with no one on it! I wasn’t sure if to be afraid or what cause it kept riding around me ??? What’s the meaning to that

  12. I dreamt of riding a single wheeled bicycle in clear/nice road with others who also have the same bike.interpretation pleasr

  13. I had a dream that there was a cat riding a bike backwards up a hill.
    somehow, I took it home, but it on my garage, and when I looked there was another one!
    I cannot figure this out….

  14. I dream that I ride a bike, on the road there was holdup very tight even no way for bike to pass along the road I see another road that I can manage to pass to get me to where am going, then I wake up. This is my dream. Please sheld more light

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