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Seeing or riding on a bicycle in your dream world can have multiple meanings and interpretations. Always look deeper into the circumstances of the dream to help you determine the true meanings of dreaming about a bicycle.

Bicycle is a favorite transport for many children and adolescent, in this sense the bicycle symbolizes prospects and development as you would as a youngster. However, it could also be seemed as natural limitations as a youngster does not have many options other than riding a bike.

Riding a bike can be interpreted as a back up plan, for when your car is out of commission. It can also signify the will and power to a better and healthier life style.

With the general potential dream interpretation of seeing a bike said, we will now go into exact details to help you decipher some of the concepts.

Dream About Bike Riding in General
When the dream features you falling off the bike, it suggests failure with your love affairs. Or failure with some personal development related goals. You will have to keep trying to achieve your goals.

If you ride a bike in the rain, it represents pleasant surprises from your loved one, perhaps a surprise gift.

Riding the bike uphill in the dream suggests that you are having a difficult time. You will have to push harder to achieve your goals. Consider the dream world, are you still moving or are you completely stuck? If you cannot push forward, consider asking help from the people around you.

Dreaming about a bike that has lost its brakes or handle, suggest that you have lost control with your life. If the dream features the bike riding downhill while control is lost, it represents that your life’s course is going down hill. If the dream occurs during important time of transition or decision, consider slowing down and rethink through your planning.

Dream About a Bicycle Race or Cycling Race
If you are an athlete attending various races like triathlon or Ironman, the dream may be simply about the bike leg of the race and how you are looking forward to the event. However, if you do not normally an athlete racing on your bikes, look into the bicycle race dream closely. Do you see or know who are you competing with? Is it a casual for fun race or is it competitive.

A bicycle race is a physical draining endeavor if you are ill prepared. Are you in a middle of a mid term project that require your full concentration and stamina? Perhaps it is an important test that are coming up like the school’s entrance exam, or maybe it is a mid year review at your work. Are you on a deadline where you compete with others to see who get the first finished project out?

Also pay attention to how you feel and perform in the midst of the bike race, it can offer your some valuable clues about how you feel about your performance.

Winning or at least finishing the bike race in your dream means that good news is around the corner.

Dream About Bike Being Stolen or Lost
Dream about your bike being stolen is a huge disabler. It means that someone or something has taken a part of life, especially the part relate to your health and personal development. It may represent someone at work is messing your ability to advance through your career, someone on your team may be holding back the project.

Or it could be an overbearing spouse or girlfriend restricting your ability to enjoy yourself and with your friends. If you realize that your bike has been stolen to do a certain event like going to school or to work, it means that your ability to attend such events have been hindered by unknown factors.

If you see another person stealing a bike or a stolen bike, suggests that you will have a secret meeting where you would like to keep hidden from others.

When you lose your bike somewhere on the road, it suggests that you are easily distracted by other objects. Focus on the task that you have at hand and finish it.

Dream About Riding Bicycle Accident
If the dream involves some kind of Bicycle Accident, you may want to consult our Car Accident Dream Interpretations. As a bicycle rider, you tend to go at slower speed and suffer more potential damage if you are hit by a car or motorcycle.

Dreaming about riding a bicycle while crashing into other objects, represents that you need to be more aware of your surroundings. You may also need to hone your skills at getting better at your tasks. Perhaps you need to be more efficient and make less errors along the way.

In the event where you typically use the bikes for health or workout purposes, being in a bike accident may signify future health problems.

Dream About Broken Bicycle Parts
Depending on the bike parts that are broken, they may represent different symbols and meanings.

Bike Flat Tire in the Dream
Get a health check up as you may have had some bumps, the air leak may not be apparent yet. However, the issue are easily fixable as you can also slow down and walk the bike. If you are pushing forward with a flat bike tire, represents that you are pushing yourself so hard. The process if continued, may take a toll on your life and health in particular.

Bicycle Chain in the Dream
The Bicycle Chain is the connection that make everything within the bicycle work. Having a broken or loose chain, means that the connection or link has been broken somewhere along your life. Maybe it is a loose or weaker relationship between you and your family or friends. The chain also requires certain tension to function properly, having a completely lose or lost chain, can suggest that you have been slacking or relaxing too much.

Dream About Different Bikes
Dirt Bike
Dreaming about a dirt bike suggests that you will be facing many obstacles. You have chosen to take the road less traveled. So except more road bumps. However, you are confident that you are ready for the challenge. It suggests that you also love adventure and want to experiment with more complex issues at faster paces.

Tandem Bike
Dreaming about a tandem bike suggests that you need to cooperate with others to arrive at your destination. Consider the people who are riding with you, they will be the important ones to share their life with you on your journey of life.

Bicycle Colors
We recommend you to take a look at various color interpretations in dreams when you dream about specific color of bicycles. For example, dreaming about a red bike can suggest that you need to be more aggressive and impulsive with the way you approach tasks.


Bike / Bicycle Dream Interpretation — 6 Comments

  1. I dreamt I was riding bicycle in heavy rain, because the whole ground was full of erosion but I the not have problem riding my bike.

  2. I had a dream I was clearing out a storage shed and found my bike but then it went missing and I walked around for miles uphill to find it.

  3. I had a dream I was driving a car (I can’t drive in reality). Then some how transition to riding a bike. Then as I stop riding the bike is broken pieces. This all happens in a very familiar neighborhood.

  4. I rarely walk anywhere, and I’m quite tubbalard-lardish and overweight, this is because I drive everywhere. I do have a mountain bike which I rarely use because of my weight issue. About 3 years back, I used to ride it a lot and often to my workplace, which is approx 7&half miles from my house.

    So I had this dream tht my room had been ransacked, all my photo, pictures, ornaments, stereo and tv had just disappeared from my room – the only thing in the room besides a new bed with a new mattress, was a brand new chrome yellow mountain bike with titanium bar-ends. It was very perplexing but at the same time gorgeous. I just kept wondering, what does this mean?

    The bed had no bedding on it. The room was lightly festooned with creamy white coloured like paper you get in shoes boxes with brand new shoes.

    I didn’t notice whether the bike was branded or not – it appeared hand made, bespoke sort of like, a-one-off model.

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