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Diamond Dream Interpretation — 9 Comments

  1. Dream of a giant diamond laying on a big flat alter shape rock.i noticed a black hole in the rock to which the diamond extracted .

  2. dreamed i was laying on the carpet in a hotel and ran my hand across it and felt something hard…so i pulled at the area and a string of diamonds came out of the carpet and i kept pulling more and more came out until i had a huge handful of strings of diamonds.

  3. Dreamt 9f my X husband giving me a ring ( but his not 5here) I’m showing a X girlfriend – a feeling of being pushed to give her the ring – and I do

  4. I dreamt of going to the toilet and poop 3 💎 diamond stones… And people where busy waiting for the same diamonds to come out of me… I took hours in the toilet until they came out… And everyone was excited!

  5. I had a dream I had a big diamond pendant n I started showing everyone this diamond pendant and when I try to grab it with my other hand outta no where I randomly take I bite off it n ate some of the diamonds for no reason n the diamonds all started falling off the pendant right after n the diamonds were going everywhere n I got sad … what does this mean ?

  6. What does it mean to have to perform the Heimlich manuever on myself and then pull a diamond out of my mouth. It’s a white diamond, only to hand it to a loved one; my partner?

  7. I dreamed I wore a cream white suit adorned with silver diamonds. I had on a cream color hat with diamonds. I entered a room filled with people but I seemed to be over dressed. No one had on anything close to what I wore. UMMMM!

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