Perfume Dream Interpretation

Dreams of perfume can be interpreted differently depending on your opinions about them in your dream. The concept of perfume can thought as a type of opinion towards certain individual or events, for example, a pleasant perfume smell or scent relate to the pleasant emotions that you experience towards those specific things. Below we will go over more perfume related dream in different contexts.

Dream About Perfume Scent
Dream About Pleasant Perfume Smell
If the scent is pleasant within your dream, the perfume represents cheerful and joyous adventures is up ahead.

Dream About Overpowering Perfume Smell
Overpowering perfume smell in the dream that make your nose itchy or hard to breathe, the strong odorous atmosphere represents some of mental pressure from others. The mental pressure can lead to stressful environment that arises from empty entertainment or luxurious pursuits.

Dream About Perfume Scent on Other People
The perfume scent of others in the dream, represent your emotions or opinions about those certain people and their qualities. Try to remember the exact scent from them to draw comparisons. Are the scent pleasant, strong, or annoying, these perfume smells can offer you deeper clues about how you feel about those people.

Dream About Perfume Relating Actions
Dream About Buying Perfume
Buying perfume in your dreams suggest that you may be chasing some scam business opportunities that may lead to a fool’s paradise.

Dream About Spraying Perfume on Yourself
Spraying perfume on yourself in the dream, suggest that you want to appear differently to others. Perhaps you want to fix or up your first impression during a first meeting with others.

Dream About Spraying Perfume into the Air
To spray perfume in the air, suggest that

Dream About Spraying Perfume onto Others
Spraying perfume on others, suggest that the solution to any communication issues that arises may be solved with the help of flattery.

Dream About Stealing Perfume
To steal a bottle of perfume in the dream, suggest that your secret desires and important affairs will not be fulfilled. And you will do whatever it takes to fulfill those inner desires.

Dream About Other Perfume Dream Symbols
Dream About Perfume Gift
Seeing perfumes as gifts in the dream, suggest that you will receive some kind of unexpected and very pleasant gift, the gift will usually from a stranger or someone that you have not talked to in a long time.

Dream About Perfume Bottle
In a dream, a scent bottle or a perfume bottle someone with power to control your lifestyle. It could be someone who has control over your bank account, inheritance, or any other financial vehicles.

Dream About Perfume Shop
Dreams of perfume shop suggest that you are feeling discontent and dissatisfaction in a relationship with a partner. You want different flavors of romance that your current may not offer. Thus your mind is “shopping” around to trick yourself for different scents.

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