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Perfume Dream Interpretation — 7 Comments

  1. In my dream I was about to kiss a girl with blonde ringlet hair and the sweetest most incredible berry lip gloss that I ever smelled, blackberry, raspberry & blueberry

  2. In my dream a perfume seller came and i choose one but was lost we asked everyone there but they said they haven’t bought it but no where,i then followed each one to their house but i couldn’t fine if and what i dont understand is the name of the perfume was date, the couldn’t fine the spray named date and i wake up from my dream.

  3. I need help please, in my dream I was in a big store where I stole allot of jewelries and but later got caught and I dropped it and went to the perfume and body spray stand where I stole some, rollum, perfume, and body spray . can someone help me interpret plz

    and sometimes ago I dreamt of that I was being accused of inpregnanting a girl, this girl I know her real life where I went to visit my mum in delta state but I base in Lagos and we don’t even talk.

  4. I had a dream I ddnt buy it I actually prized the perfume but was too cheap .. so I changed my mind …. what does it mean cos I still don’t understand

  5. hey please help me interpret this dream. i worked a part time job in a perfume store. one day i sold a pink perfume to a man that wanted to buy it for his wife, i also give him a sample of the perfume then he bought it. what’s it mean???

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