Chocolate Dream Meaning – Top 24 Dreams About Chocolate

Did you dream about chocolate? To see chocolate in your dream signifies love, celebration, and self-reward. Pay attention to how and when you are using the chocolate in the dream to help you get more clues. For example, if you feel sick or bloated from the chocolate in the dream, the dream suggests that you have indulged in too many excesses and need to exercise some restraint. Below we will note some of the most common chocolate-related dreams to help you decipher those clues.

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Dream About Chocolate Related Actions

Getting Chocolate

Dream About Buying Chocolate
Dreaming about shopping or buying chocolate from a candy shop or market signifies that you will participate in some important event. You are now getting yourself financially ready to be able to enjoy the event.

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Dream About Receiving Chocolate
To receive chocolate as a gift on Valentine’s or other occasions suggests that you will receive unexpected help or affection. Consider the person who is giving you the chocolate to get some clues.

Dream About Stealing Chocolate
Dreaming about stealing chocolate foretells some form of betrayal or affair in your love or married life. You may be indulging or feel the need for more excitement in love. However, you may get in trouble for your flirtatious behaviors.

Eating and Having Chocolate

Dream About Eating Chocolate
To eat chocolate in your dream indicates that you are embracing your own sensuality and sexuality.

Dream About Melting Chocolate
Dreams of melting chocolate to transform the ingredient into other dishes or mold treat foretell that you will transform what you have to adapt to some change.

Giving Chocolate

Dream About Giving Chocolate
Giving chocolate as a gift in the dream suggests renewed vigor in a relationship with the person you are giving the chocolate to. If the dream details an unknown stranger, it suggests that you may encounter your soulmate soon and start a new relationship.

Dream About Sharing Chocolate
Dreams of sharing chocolate with others mean that you are working on a project that will bring a lot of positive changes both in your life and in others. Perhaps you are preparing for a party to bring friends and relatives together.

Dream About Chocolate Related Foods

Chocolate Pastries

Dream About Chocolate Cake
Dreams of a chocolate dessert-like cake, or pie, represent some form of sexual or sensual attraction. It foretells that it may take a bit of work before your relationship can achieve a fulfilled intimacy.

Dream About Chocolate Chips or Chocolate Chip Cookies
A dream with chocolate chips typically reflects the greediness in waking life. If the cookie is filled with more than reasonable chocolate chips, it relates to you being too greedy towards others.

Dream About Chocolate Donut
A chocolate-covered donut in the dream suggests someone is giving you certain forms and directions while feeling lost. Someone whom you know might be trying to influence you and lure you. The dream foretells that they will most likely succeed because you are at a stage of feeling lost in life.

Chocolate Sweets

Dream About Chocolate Covered Fruits
A dream where you eat or make chocolate-covered fruits like banana or strawberry suggests that you need extras to spice up your love life. Look for sensual opportunities that may lead to extra pleasure.

Dream About Chocolate Bar or Candy
Generally, a dream with chocolate candy like Hershey kisses suggests that you may be popular among the opposite sex. A perfectly wrapped chocolate candy or bar suggests that there might be more to meet the eye after the initial sweetness. Consider paying more attention to your loved ones to discover their hidden talents and virtues. You may realize that you love them even more after some digging and experimenting.

Dream About Chocolate Ice Cream
Chocolate ice cream in the dream suggests that you will achieve peace and happiness in life, particularly after a period of turbulence and hardship. If the chocolate ice cream has melted, it represents a bad sign that you may feel disappointed by your support group during your time of need.

Dream About Chocolate Egg
Hollow chocolate eggs suggest that you feel unappreciated after a recent success or project.

Dream About Chocolate Bunny
Dreaming about a chocolate bunny typically relates to some form of special holiday festive event, specifically the Easter holiday. Perhaps the dream is signaling that you need to look at events with a more festive and happy perspective.

Chocolate Drinks or Liquid

Dream About Hot Chocolate
Dreams of hot chocolate signify sweetness and warmth in love. It represents the loving relationship and supports you can count on from your loved ones and family members.

Dream About Chocolate Milkshake or Chocolate Milk
Having chocolate milkshake or milk in the dream signifies the need for special treatment from an inattentive friend or loved one. It would help if you had more than the minimum basic nourishment.

Dream About Chocolate Syrup
In a dream with chocolate syrup, consider how and when you are using it in the dream. Using chocolate syrup on items to smother them with chocolate taste symbolizes that you may be forcing the feeling of love or intimacy on a relationship that is no longer there. However, if you are using the syrup to enhance the flavor, it foretells that you are ready to take your relationship to the next level.

Dream About Chocolate Places

Dream About Chocolate Shop or Market
To be in a chocolate shop or market to search for chocolate suggest that your mind is preparing to buy something expensive for your loved one. Perhaps the dream signals a wedding proposal, special anniversary, or Valentine’s event may be near.

Dream About Chocolate Lab or Factory
Touring a chocolate lab or factory in the dream signals that you are ready to dig deeper into your inner feelings about your emotions about love. You feel curious about why you feel love for certain individuals in your life. Also, it signals that you might be ready to love again after a previous failed relationship with an ex.

Dream About Different Types of Chocolate

Dream About Dark Chocolate
Dark chocolate that is bitter and hard to bite in the dream foretells upcoming house repairs. Certain parts of your house may break due to tear and wear, and partly because of lack of maintenance.

Dream About White Chocolate
A dream that features white chocolate relates to the idea of selling yourself short. The dream represents that you may not feel valuable, or others may not see your value. Perhaps you have had to make yourself more dull and boring to blend in with others around you.

Dream About Spoiled or Stale Chocolate
Spoiled or stale chocolate in dreams suggests that you will be disappointed in your love life with your partner. Your partner may neglect you and unable to return your intimate needs.

Dream About Vegan Chocolate
Dreams of vegan chocolate suggest a need to feel different than the mass, perhaps out of necessity due to allergic reaction or by choice. It signals a need for you to feel that your relationship is unique and special. It is also a sign of the desire for a healthier love life.

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