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Car Related Themes Dream Interpretation — 8 Comments

  1. I had a dream where I witnessed two cars (mine and my former parter’s car) sliding down an embankment. My car only had a bit of damage to the rear bumper, however his car was totally wrecked. What does this mean?

  2. Had a dream about riding on the roof of a truck down the highway while trying to keep myself and my belongings from blowing away. (Hat and jacket)
    Anyone understand this?

  3. I had a dream that some thugs burn my car and broke all of my windows out and ran and when I came outside to report it my ex boyfriend brother was watching near by was clapping his hand as if he was happy that my car was gone

  4. I dream that a great person handled over a car key
    To me ,and he says when he is going I should see him
    But I did not find any at the place we was .And when he is
    going I did not meet him. An walk up on bed

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