Car Related Themes Dream Meaning – Common 24 Dreams About Cars

Did you dream about cars? Being able to own and drive a car is a huge enabler in real life. Having a car subconsciously suggests that you are in control of your own life. This section will go over various dream symbols with the events that can happen to or with your cars inside the dreams. Look for all the hidden interpretations and analyses in your dream now.

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Various events can happen to or with your car. With this complete car dream interpretation guide, we will go over all the common themes to help you decipher the meaning of your car-related dreams.

Generic Car Driving Dream Meaning

A car driving journey or trips symbolizes how you are dealing with the decisions in your life. To dream about traveling alone on a long-distance trip means that you will face difficult situations and worries.

However, if you are traveling with family members or friends, it signifies that you will find new friends.

When you are not the one driving in your dream, you are taking a more passive role in life. If you are riding in the passenger front seat, you want to have a more active say with the decisions. While traveling in the backseat of the car means that someone else is mostly making all the important decisions for you.

Dreaming about jumping from a car means that you are not happy with how your life is going. You want to leap of faith to get out of your current situation. Take note if the car is going fast or slow within your dream; it can foreshadow whether or not the leap may be dangerous in nature.

Dream About Car Accident

Since a car accident or wreck can have many underlying symbols. Please refer to Dream Meaning for Car Accidents. This includes the car being flipped over or exploding.

Dream About Car Stolen or Hijacked

The dream about your car being broken into and parts being stolen means that someone has taken advantage of you in a certain way, based on the actual parts or the car itself being stolen or stripped away. You can check our Car parts dream interpretation for the meaning of different car parts. The dream might mean different things based on the missing car parts stolen from the break-in.

Entire Car is Stolen
If you dream about your entire car is lost or missing due to being hijacked or robbed. One thing to note is that if you were present in the dream while the robbery is happening.

If someone is robbing and stealing your car right in front of you, it means that someone might be stopping you from achieving your goals.

Suppose you lose your car without being consciously knowing who stole it. The missing car symbolizes lost opportunities.

Dream About Car Race

When you dream about fast car chases or races, the context of the race matters within the dream.

Note the reason for the race, is it to compete for a prize? Is it for fun? Maybe you are trying to compete with other people in real life. Next, note the result or the race itself. Are you chasing the other car racers, or are the others chasing you?

If you win the car race in the dream, a good thing will happen to you. You may be able to get a promotion such as “getting ahead” in life.

Dream About Car Driving Variations

The dream has a car driving itself:
Try to remember how you feel while sitting in the car when the car drives itself. Are you relaxed? Maybe you enjoy letting someone make an important decision for you once in a while. Consider letting go of some of the responsibilities at work.

You dream about driving backward:
If the car is going backward or in reverse, you may be backing out from unpleasant offers or work situations. However, if the car is rolling backward without your control because of a downhill, watch out as your efforts in life may be compromised because of other life events.

The car is flying in the dream:
Your life is going on the highway. Is the flight being smooth, or is the car flying excited and dangerous? The context matters in a car flying dream. You may need to dial down your ambitions if it is a dangerous dream. But if the car flight is smooth, you may overcome many hurdles and obstacles in waking life.

You Dream about driving someone else’s car.
When you drive someone else’s car to get to where you need to go, you may need help and assistance from other people as you have lost your own car. Look within the dream to get more clues on why you had to use someone’s car instead of driving your own.

Dreaming about the car rolling downhill
You will have a smooth ride after some periods of hard work. This is because you had to drive hard to get uphill in the first place.

Dream About Car as Gift

If you are dreaming about buying a car as a gift, you may be helping someone a great deal in real life.

To receive a car as a gift in a dream, good things will happen to you.

The location of the gift car given does not really matter whether it is inside a car dealership or your house garage.

Dreams About Different Car Problems and Troubles

Depending on the context and situation of the car troubles, they may have different meanings in the dream world.

Look at the different car problems, and figure out whether or not they are repairable.

Dream About Car Equipment Problems

Car Not Stopping Because No Brakes
When you dream about the car not stopping because of broken brakes, it is usually a bad dream involving last-minute panic. The reason is that you typically do not notice that the brakes do not work until you need them.

Try to listen to the people around you for advice, limit your own impulses and reckless behaviors. If you end up having an accident due to a faulty brake system that fails to work, the wake-up call is a warning for imminent danger. However, you still have a chance to repair the damage by fixing that brake ahead of time.

Car Stuck in Mud or Pothole
For dreams of driving a car that is stuck in mud or any pothole, life may offer obstacles for you to try to overcome. If you cannot seem to get out of the dream, the current obstacle may be too much for you to handle. Consider asking other people for help.

Car Not Starting or Stalling
In the dream, your car is not starting or stalling. Your goal is to figure out the reason why the car is not working. It may be running out of gas or maybe because of other failures. Your goals may take a hit and come to a stop before you fix the broken reasons.

Vandalized Car
Having your car being vandalized in the dream means that someone might be hurting your outward image.

Dream About Trouble with Driving

Car Getting Towed Because of Parking
The dream about cars being towed because of parking violations is another form of a wake-up call. Your call will only get towed by police when you park in the no-parking places. This means that your habits may be hurting you in the long run. Bad habits may hinder your ability to move through life and work.

Car Spinning Out of Control
When the car gets out of your control while driving, it means that you may be going too fast, or life may throw a curve at you. Try to look into the reason behind the uncontrollable car is key to decipher this dream. You want to regain back your control to prevent catastrophe.

Locked Out of Car
Dreaming that you have lost your car keys and cannot get in a locked car means that you are careless with your daily tasks. Be more careful about using your resources and know what you have.

Lost and Not Finding Car in the Parking Lot
To dream about not finding your car in a big parking lot full of cars means that you are being distracted from your goals because of other distractions. Slow down and plan. Track your every move in real life always to know where you are and where you stand.

Dream About Car Failures

Car Overheating and on Fire
Dreaming about a car overheating and even being on fire. It means that you may be burned out from your endeavors. Time to take a break and let the car rest. It is better to slow down before you do damage to yourself and the people around you.

Underwater or Flooded Car
The dream is about a car being underwater, and you are drowning along with it in places like a pond, ocean, sea, lake, or river. The car in the dream is falling and filling with water, and you cannot get out. That sinking and submerged in water means that you may be depressed about your situation.

However, if you wake up to the impact of the water, it may simply be that you are cold in real life, and you dream about the splashing cold water to wake you up.

Dream About Car Wash

Getting a full car wash for your car means that you are ready to start a new journey. You first start with the outward appearances by having a clean start.

Dream About Car Insurance

Dreams about purchasing or switching car insurance mean that you are ready to take bigger risks. Or you may be trying to cut down your costs in doing business.

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