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  1. I had a dream where I witnessed two cars (mine and my former parter’s car) sliding down an embankment. My car only had a bit of damage to the rear bumper, however his car was totally wrecked. What does this mean?

  2. Had a dream about riding on the roof of a truck down the highway while trying to keep myself and my belongings from blowing away. (Hat and jacket)
    Anyone understand this?

  3. I had a dream that some thugs burn my car and broke all of my windows out and ran and when I came outside to report it my ex boyfriend brother was watching near by was clapping his hand as if he was happy that my car was gone

  4. I dream that a great person handled over a car key
    To me ,and he says when he is going I should see him
    But I did not find any at the place we was .And when he is
    going I did not meet him. An walk up on bed

  5. i dreamed that i was in my house and came out side to get into my car but there were others car that had me blocked in so that i was not able to get out of my driveway i mean several cars that i did not know to whom they belonged to what does that mean?

  6. I had this dream that I am sitting on the back of the bumper of the car with one person and someone is driving it I don’t know where I’m going or I don’t know who I’m with what is the meaning of this dream can you please tell me

  7. I had a dream me and a friend pull up to a parkinglot cut off the car just sitting there then all of a sudden my car doesn’t cut on but simply starts moving at top speed no other cars are around so no car wreck but it feels like an strong unseen force is pushing me through a field and feels like my truck is picked up and thrown in the field I’m upside down but oddly my phone is still in my lap as if glued there in panicky I scream help me in my dream and also in real life and my truck has no damage I’m not hurt not even a scratch as if something was trying to hurt me but something was also keeping me safe I just can’t understand for the simple fact there were no other cars

  8. Hey everyone. Today I had a dream. I was in the car with other unknown people and most of them were of younger age like 16 and below apart from the driver who I think was in his twenties like me. The drive was in a busy town. All of a sudden, our car collided with two other cars but ours was in the middle. The driver fainted and the car moved on by its own. I thought of I moving to go and control the car, because I was right behind the driver seat, but I recalled that I can’t drive. All of a sudden I saw men running after the car, so that they could stop it and safe our lives. Fortunately, they stopped the car and we the lift takers got out safely and went away as the driver was under watch of people to see whether he is dead or alive. Some said he is dead others said he is alive. What happened next to him I don’t know. So I went back with phobia of crossing the road because I thought I would be knocked down. I reached home safely and was able to narrate the story to my father.

  9. I had a dream I was leaving somewhere and heading to my car but when I approached my car all the doors were open including the trunk and an extra set of keys was on the console and the car was completely cleaned. No papers or anything in the car. What does this signify?

  10. I had a dream that my car was totaled, Broken car parts strewn everywhere. My rearend separated and in multiple pieces, car body parts everywhere. But I’m fine and walking around my car inspecting the damage. What does this mean.

  11. I dreamed that I was watching a car sink underwater on a flooded street. The person, gunned the engine and the car came back up for about twenty feet, than started to sink again. It was a white car, and when I saw the driver, he had a clowns face. The car went down under the water again without coming back up this time. The man drowned. The water was dark so you could not see the street below. What could this possibly mean?

  12. I dreamt I was leaving a house at night. I was backing up and all of a sudden it was pitch black and the car was being pulled backwards. I couldn’t see, I was terrified. While I was in the car it kept going in huge potholes. Sometimes forwards, sometimes backwards, but they were huge! I ended up waking up in a panic.

  13. I have had multiple dreams where I’m in the backseat of a topless vehicle. We are driving down a bumpy road and I go flying out the back. Sometimes I hang onto the bumper for a minute and sometimes I just go flying and just keep falling. Anyone have any insight?

  14. Ok so I had a dream last night that I was out with family and when we went to leave all the cars including my in the parking lot had the windows broken, doors pulled open almost torn off the hinges and everything stolen out of them. Like the steering wheel and seats,stereos everything except the dashboards were still there. What on earth could this mean? Can anybody help me out here? What on earth does this mean?

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