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Candle Dream Interpretation — 6 Comments

  1. I dreamt that my child father was asking my sister for some candle wax so he could re-melt it into the shape of a butterfly. the wax was more of blue but i could see other colors mixed in it though.. was searching for some meaning to this dream.

  2. My dream was of the actual color of candles changing colors;white to black and vice versa,flashes of gold and silver and red. What does or could this all mean?

  3. My best friend dreamt that we were trapped indoors and someone was trying to put lit fireworks through the on the door and I was putting a white in the lock the other side of the door to stop them coming through

  4. The dream started that the place is a bit dull and we are all tasked to light a candle. There was different candle color on the table. I picked up the big violet candle to lit it. In the dream I was hesitating to lit it because its windy outside and all the canle lit was being blown. I was standing there holding the violet candle as I watch other lit their candle and I was watching their candle being blown by the wind but the fire was not blown off, the fire of their candle is just unstable. I did not see I was able to lit my violet candle. Then the next scenario I grab a blue candle and lit it up. The day was getting late and dark already, like night time. Then after that my brother picked up a small white candle and he lit it up and he put it infront of us on the table but that candle was blown out so our area black out, it became really dark when the lit died on the white candle. There were also a scenario that people, we looking for a candle to lit up before going up somewhere and we saw there are white small candle in every part of the place. After the candle thing my brother and I stayed in our family house in rural area, there was a storm coming that time so it was raining a bit and windy. Then from far a far I saw the mountain, having a landslide. The falling trees and mud was running slowly going down to our place.

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