Wedding Dream Meaning – Common 5 Dreams About Weddings

Did you dream about weddings? Weddings typically relate to your current relationship and commitment. Discover and search for all the major wedding-related items and their meaning interpretations here.

Wedding Dream Event Interpretation
Marriage Proposal
To dream of a marriage signifies commitment, harmony, or transitions. The act of marriage proposal marks the beginning of that transition.

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Wedding Rehearsal
To dream that you are in a wedding rehearsal; it implies that you need to prepare yourself for an important transition in your life. It can be a precursor to the real deal, which is the actual wedding itself.

Wedding Item Dream Interpretation
Wedding Dress
A wedding dress as a dream symbol means that you want to give away to a situation or relationship for good, aka commitment.

Wedding Ring or Band
To see a wedding ring or wedding band in a dream refers to communication. You care about the connection within your family and people really close to you. The wedding band represents completeness and eternal love if you see it during a wedding-related dream.

Wedding Bouquet
A fresh, bright wedding bouquet in the dream signifies a happy social occasion. This dream can be an omen of a happy but brief romantic relationship.

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