Bone Dream Interpretation

Did you dream about the bone? Bones are associated with spiritual development in dreams. They are the back bone of your being and your personal beliefs. Bones represent the underlying strengths that are not easily seen.

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Dream About Bones in the Ground

If you see bones in the soil or found loose bones, it suggests the discovery of your personal, family, and cultural secrets. Actually trying to find bones in places that you know, suggest that you need to think deeper. Consider what you have and what you want. Then focus on stripping it all back to just stay with whatever makes you happy.

Dreaming about trying to bury or hide the bones, suggests there is a part of you that you want to keep hidden. Perhaps you want to keep in the dark of certain dark thoughts or spirits never to be seen.

Dream About Breaking a Bone

To dream about breaking someone’s bones, suggest that you are going after someone’s personal believes in waking life. For example, if you break an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend’s bone in the dream; it can suggest that you want to change their ideas about breaking up with you.

Breaking the collarbone suggests that your spiritual damage will hinder your ability to both love and continue working. Since collarbone connects both your breastbone to the shoulder blades.

Dream About Damaged Broken Bone

To dream of completely broken bones call for your immediate attention to your situation or relationship. Completely broken bones will induce constant pain and that you will not be able to go about your daily business. Perhaps your spiritual well being is seriously broken. You are starting to doubt everything and everyone around you.

Dreaming about fractured bones that are not completely broken off, suggest weakness in your plans or spiritual thinking. Perhaps you have built your faith on a shaky foundation. Someone easily sways you and makes disbelief about your faith.

A broken hip bone or other leg bones like ankle suggest that you will not be able to keep your stance and stand up. You lose the balance of life due to the damaged spiritual standing.

Broken jaw bone suggests that a project you are about to complete will fail.

Dream About Bone Cancer

Bone cancer suggests that some negatives ideas are brewing in your spiritual setting. You have trouble getting rid of those thoughts.

Dream About Interactions with Bones

Dog Biting a Bone
If you see a dog biting a bone in its mouth, this shows understanding in the future. If the dog in your dream was eating the bone, this indicates that you need to consider other people’s feelings.

The dream of a skeleton bone means your life needs to become structured better than it has been until now. Dreaming of random bones signifies that the opinions of others are important. Think about what others say!

Dream About Different Kinds of Bones

Human Bone skeleton
Dreams of a bone skeleton outside of Halloween related dream themes are often associated with spiritual development. They demonstrate that you have excessive energy in your life. Bones are connected to the need of becoming aware of the basic material.

Dinosaur Bone
Dinosaur bones suggest spiritual ideas from another time and may be outdated.

Fish Bone
Fishbone in dreams represents hypocrisy, backbiting, and slander. They are the tiny little things that annoy you.

Chicken Bone
Dreaming about chicken bone suggests that a full meal has been eaten. Expect good luck and fortune to occur soon.

Dream About Bones

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