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Bone Dream Interpretation — 5 Comments

  1. in my dream, i was entering into a house made of human bones instead of bricks. total walls and wide steps made of small bones are clearly visible in dream. what could be the interpretation?

  2. I I dreamt I called my friend and I said zizu zizu and in the background her friend said can we bury the three bones and she said no so I don’t know what that means in my dreams I was coming out of some kind of bush like a mango tree I was scared to come out of it and when I did come out of it I ran into this little black lady with a little baggie of crystals but I couldn’t see in the baggie because they were hers and then I was running and that’s when I called my friend

  3. In my dream there was a dead child. I took out his leg bone out of his leg. I broke it out from his body. Can please someone explain me the meaning? Thank you

  4. i dreamt of my late mums funeral it was full in the hall then my dad had a casket however it had my mums bones and i told my uncle who practices voodoo that i am going with my mums bones he asked me why i said because i want to keep her in a safe place ….. this is wierd beacuse my uncle is a witch and practises voodoo and i have been dreaming of him controlling my mum and apperantley my family has alot of secrects

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