Bungee Jumping Dream Meaning – Top 5 Dreams About Bungee Jump

Did you dream about bungee? Bungee jumping in the dream points to taking calculated risks, so that you could bounce back from adversities and setbacks. It foretells that you need to go head dive in first whatever you need to do. And you worry about what happens afterward. However, before you take the leap, make sure that you are well prepared. Have plenty of safety nets in case of failures.

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Dream About Getting Ready to Bungee Jump

Learning to Bungee Jump
To dream that you are learning and taking coaching lessons to bungee jump, foretells that you will encounter opportunity or situation where you have nothing to lose. Follow the system and you should be able to enjoy an activity of a lifetime.

Preparing to Bungee Jump
To dream that you are preparing to bungee jump, foretells that you will soon take a leap of faith. The situation will be tough but you will be able to spring back from any challenge and defeats. Perhaps you are preparing for a major change in life like working or studying abroad, or get married to start a brand new life.

Dream About Bungee Jumping

Where You Bungee Jump
Consider where you are bungee jumping in the dream, as it could offer you important clues about the amount and type of challenge that you might face. You are bungeeing off a platform on a cliff, off a bridge, or from a helicopter? These are the mental barrier and challenges that you might need to overcome in waking life. No matter what you do, focus on safety first. And make sure you have your lifeline ready in terms of fail. As you are taking on a point of no return.

Bungee Jump Accident
To see a bungee jump accident in the dream, portends that you will not be able to bounce back from your failure. Be aware if you are partaking in significant life changes. You will have nearly impossible chance to bounce back. Consider getting some insurance and people you can trust, before taking that leap of faith. You will need some parachute so you could exit to safety.

Dream About Bungee Cord

Bungee Cord
Bungee cord in the dream reflects your support network in waking life. You will soon encounter adversity, but your family and friends will pull you back from despair. They will give you a pull and helping hand during your darkest falls.

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