Cannon Dream Meaning – Top 5 Dreams About Cannon

Did you dream about a cannon? Cannons in dreams suggest that there is something drastic that needs to be done shortly. An explosive offensive or defensive action will be done in the near future. Consider the type of vehicles that the cannon is being installed on. You will be able to get more ideas on what the underlying situation may suggest. For example, is the cannon on a pirate ship, war ship, or fighter plane? They could offer you subtle clues on how to proceed with your next plans of action.

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Dream About Shooting Cannon

Shooting a cannon in the dream foretells that you will soon take drastic measures to accomplish your goals. The dream is very similar to shooting a gun and could have sexual connotations.

Dream About Types of Cannons

Water Cannon
Water cannons such as being used in protests in dreams suggest that someone will use suppressive forces to put down any opposing voices. The dream suggests that you will have bad bosses or teachers. These people will make you feel bad and down by voicing any opposition to their teachings or directions.

Laser Cannon
Dreaming about laser cannon represents concentrated measures to accomplish your goals. It will take you much time and preparation to finally deciding to take action. But once you do you will make sure that your attack counts, you feel that enough is enough, you will take care of the problem once and for all. If you are using the laser cannon to destroy a drone in the dream; it indicates that you will remove anyone who is trying to meddle with your private life.

Cannonballs in dreams suggest that you are harboring anger and aggression. These balls of negativity are weighing you down. You will need to figure out to free yourself of such control.

Cannon in a Circus
To see cannon in a circus in the dream, indicates that you will do certain dangerous actions in order to express yourself. Perhaps you will let your emotions and anger take the best of you. And you will soon exhibit a show of total breakdown. Be aware that people will likely make fun of your emotional outburst. They are entertained by your display of breaking down.

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