Robot Dream Interpretation

Robot in your dream indicates that you are going about life in a mechanical, methodical and rigid way. You feel like you are being controlled by other people for their own gains. Perhaps the dream about robot reflects your working life, you feel no purpose nor creative thoughts, the work is purely mechanical and repetitive. Yet you do not have the power or ability to break away from the control of the management.

If you cannot think or feel in the dream as a robot, the robot dream suggests that you have lost the ability to express your feelings similar to a zombie dream.

Dream About an Artificial Intelligent Robot
When the dream features interaction with artificial intelligence robots, it can suggest that your friendship with someone in the waking life feels fake.

Dreaming about being friends or even in love with a AI robot suggests that you feel alone, perhaps it may be time to seek out opportunities to expand your social and romantic life.

Dream About Robot Apocalypse like Terminator or the Matrix
When the dream features robotic uprisings that cause the apocalyptic end of the world setting, it can be a sign that you are afraid to embrace new technology.

It could also suggest that you feel threatened by the wide use of robots, drones, or AI in the various industries or factories. You could work either in warehouse or manufacturing sectors and witness that jobs are being replaced by machines and robots. The robot dream reflects those observations and your fear for your own life’s well being.

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