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  1. My dream occurred in a city, I was a child and I was with a friend. There, a Terminator (Arnold himself)was intimidating me verbally and physically. Very afraid, I retreat to a safe distance, then I provoke the terminator with insults, so the machine threatens me saying that it will rip me apart and starts running towards me. Feeling pure terror, I start running away from it, at this moment it’s just me, I don’t see my friend anymore. I keep running until a black police patrol (very futuristic) appears and two cops step out of it with a rifles and a bazookas. I run a little more and star watching from the distance how other patrols appear on the scene and they start attacking the terminator with heavy fire. For a second they manage to stun the machine, but then, shrouded in a ball of fire, naked and with some of it’s robotic parts visible, the terminator jumps away from the police and starts running and searching for me. Looking for a way out, I see two streets, then my friend appears again, we hide and see how the terminator goes running through one of the streets, so we run through the other street and we manage to lose it.

    I want to also add that I feel identified with the situation described in the first paragraph of the article about possible interpretations. So is my dream just showing me what I already know or is it trying to show me a solution to fix my life?

    Sorry for the long text, but I wanted to give as much detail as possible. Thank you.

  2. I had a dream that inside me was a robot although on the outside i wasnt a robot. I tried looking for my brain but couldnt find it (funny), i just found random technology down my mouth and throat. I could change how much voice changes like a machine. Although i was scared that i had machinery in me and i had no brain or organs. I had feelings, mostly fear for being a robot and not fully human. When i woke up i sighed in relief that i do have a brain hahaha, and that im fully human.

    My background at moment is working volunteerly around machinery and tools and making things for the workshop, we recycle parts from computers and etc that we pull apart.

    And also havnt been myself because i cant find myself so i just try to make people satisfied with what i say and do. I just feel like i have to be perfect and already know everything for the job i really want or just a simple retail job. Jobs are hard to get but they seem to hire people that already have experience and stuff like that even though they say they would hire people without experience. I just want a job that will hire me for being me.

    Sorry if u didnt need to know all that i just wanted to say that because dreams do symbolize your life and feelings.

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