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Balloon Dream Interpretation — 3 Comments

  1. My daughter had a dream a out a green hot air balloon on top of a big house just floating. The front door is closed the back is unlocked. She’s on the ground and can’t get inside the house, so she just watches it fly away

  2. I had a dream. Where my ‘friend1’ (who is has been ignoring me for a week now) and another friend ( who friend 1 has ignored and talked about badly before to me) were plotting something behind my back..and we were in a group project together and the other friend was talking to me to distract me and then they both (friend 1 and other friend) pushed me down and forced me on the ground and forced a balloon into my mouth and it was starting to hurt (it was a long balloon ) and there was a sharp pain on my left arm where friend 1 was holding me down and i felt pain cos they countinued to shove the balloon down my throat…until it popped then they stopped and i woke up..

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