Fog Dream Meaning – Top 15 Dreams About Mist

Did you dream about fogs or mists? Fog in dreams represents mystery, secrecy, and protection. Pay attention to how you feel within a foggy dream, and what you try to accomplish. Relate those contexts to your waking life and obtain important clues for interpretation.

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Dream About Your Actions Inside Fogs

Dream About Driving in Fog
To dream that you are driving through fog on a bridge or freeway, is a sign that you are acting without a clear or full picture. However, it might be the best way for you to work with, consider slow down, and move forward based on your circumstances. Do not be afraid to stop your projects until you get more information. It might cause car accidents or other damage if you rush your projects or endeavors.

Dream About Lost in Fog
Being lost in a fog within a dream, symbolizes confusion and troubles. You are facing plenty of uncertainty and worries, and you see no clear way out. You are lost among deception and hidden truths, and you cannot predict how and where your actions will lead you.

Dream About Walking on Foggy Road
Walking on a foggy road, points to situations where you might be taken advantage of or theft. You are not being told of the full situation. Be aware of thieves or scammers who might take advantage of you through their cloud of secrecy. You may not be seeing things the way they really are.

Dream About Hiding in Fog
Hiding in fog in dreams, portends business or family losses, in which you will hide your negative circumstances, emotions, and feelings with a layer of secrecy and protection. You are not ready to face the repercussions of your actions.

Dream About Contexts of Fog

Dream About Fogs Clearing
To see fogs clearing in the dream, suggests that you will regain a sense of direction in life. You will be able to see things clearly and make your movements accordingly. It could also suggest that you are trying to be more open with your private life to the outside world.

Dream About Fog at Night
To see dense fog mist at night before dawn, indicates a danger that will appear at a time and place when you are the most relaxed and unexpected. Pay attention to parts of your life that you are taking for granted, as you might run into surprise issues.

Dream About Mist Fog

Dream About Torch or Light Amidst Fog
To try to use a lighter or torch to shine through the fog in the dream, predicts that you will work hard and overcome the difficulties on your way to success. You will be able to discover something that you have long neglected in your quest for victory.

Dream About Fog in House or Apartment
Seeing fog inside your house or apartment, indicates you will soon face family quarrels and conflicts. Members of your household are intentionally withholding information from one another.

Dream About Types of Fog

Dream About Fog Machine or Liquid Fog Juice
Fog machines or the fog juice needed to create artificial fogs in dreams, indicate that you might be trying to fake or force emotional or spiritual insight. Perhaps you or someone is trying to create a facade, or fake it until you make you.

Dream About Lake Fog
To dream of a fog or mist lingering over the lake, pond, or other bodies of water, signifies your unclear spirituality and lack of control over your emotions. You do not have a clear picture or read on how you are feeling.

Dream About Winter Ice Fog
Experiencing icy fog in the winter, is a sign of disease that is lodged in your body. Pay more attention to your physical health.

Dream About Morning Mist or Fog
To see morning mist or fog in the dream, indicates that you have accumulated problems or tasks. You are getting ready to start dealing with the issues with the break of dawn. This dream expresses your subconscious desire to push yourself to start tackling the unknown.

Dream About Fog of War
Seeing the fog of war in the dream, is a sign that you do not have a clear understanding of both yourself and the tasks that you are taking upon. Perhaps you will face certain dangers in the near future. Consider getting more information by taking smaller steps in life before any drastic actions.

Dream About Appearances of Fog

Dream About Heavy Thick Fog or Lots of Dense Fog
To dream about thick and dense fog, symbolizes confusion, uncertainty, and the inability to communicate or see through the noise and veil of secrecy. Your subconscious hints that you are not seeing the big picture. You are barely scratching the surface and you might be acting based on very limited information. Someone is intentionally hiding information from you.

Color of Fog

Dream About White Fog or White Mist
To see white fog or white mist, points to minor obstacles in your long journey. They are not likely to be malicious, but simple challenges along the way for your path.

Dream About Red Fog or Red Mist
Red mist or red-colored fog, points to scandal in the near future. Gossips and rumors will surround you. They will hinder your ability to function or move closer to your goals.

Dream About Purple Fog
To be immersed in purple fog in the dream, is indicative that you are being blinded by the luxurious and perhaps materialistic desires in waking life. You may be unable to make the right decision because of wanting lavishness.

Dream About Blue Fog
Blue fog in dreams, indicates that there might be a rough ride on the home front. You might soon face spiritual challenges that will question your faith.

Dream About Black Mist or Black Fog
Black mist or black fog in the dream, indicates there will be some type of sickness or diseases in the near future. The sickness is likely to be a result of environmental factors or pollution.

Dream About Green Fog
Green fog represents clouded practicalities and business challenges in your life. It represents the energy and passion you put into everything you want to succeed. Be aware of being too focused on growth, as that could be a poisonous illusion.

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