School Bus Dream Interpretation

The School Bus is a common form of transportation when you are attending school. Because of it’s connection to the school where its a place of self development and growth, the dream interpretation of seeing a school bus will closely relate to the personal growth.

Dream About Riding on a School Bus
To see or ride a school bus in your dream suggests that you are about to venture on an important life journey needed for your own personal growth. Take look around you and see who are on the ride with you for the trip, keep those people close to you as they can help you along the way. Consider the people whom are riding with you on the bus, such as coach or teachers, as they could refer to inspirational and motivational figures in your past.

Dream About Driving a School Bus
To dream that you drive a school bus as a driver indicates that you like to take charge of others. Driving a school bus is especially linked with the area of personal development. By presenting yourself in the driver’s seat of a school bus in the dream, perhaps you like to help others around you to find and grow themselves.

Dream About a Late or Missing School Bus
A late school bus arrival can indicate a slower start with your own education. It signifies that you should be diligent in finding other ways to pass the time while waiting for the right opportunity to learn more.

However, if the school bus in the dream is missing and never came. It suggests missed opportunity in learning more about yourself or your skills. Perhaps you have recently turned down a great opportunity to take classes related to your job or tackle a new project to expand your own skills.

Dream About a School Bus Crash
Dreaming about a bus that you are riding on has crashed, suggests that you are experiencing bumps on the road in learning and growing yourself. Pay attention and take note of the damage done to reflect on the type of obstacles that you may be facing.

If you have witnessed the school bus crash in a car accident in the dream, suggests that your have personal inhibitions against the idea of going back to school. The inner voice is hinting at you that the path is dangerous and that you can fail and waste your time.

When the school bus inside the dream is on fire and burning, and there has been no accident nor crash, suggests that you have the eagerness and enthusiasm in furthering your education.

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