Arrest Dream Interpretation

To dream that you are being arrested and handcuffed indicates losing control and temporary freedom over certain actions that you have done. Depending on the actions and feelings of being arrested, it offers important insight into the dream interpretation. The dream about being arrested, could always point to the actual event and interaction with the law enforcement. However, if you typically have little to no encounter with the police, being arrested suggest strong emotions regarding other waking life issues.

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Dream About Getting Arrested for Stealing

If you dream that you have been arrested for stealing or robbery, is a sign that you have been mooching off or taking advantage of others. That behaviors has been being taken note by others, and people will force you to change by not letting you get away with it any longer whether you like it or not.

Dream About Arrested for Drugs

To dream that you have been taken into custody because of drugs, is a sign that you are trying to detox and rid yourself of bad habits. You are going through difficult changes, and you feel guilty about every time you slip up.

Dream About Turning Yourself in For Arrest

Turning yourself in the dream, indicates that you will take important steps to take care of outstanding issues. Perhaps it could relate to a realization that you need to take care of your diet and health, you are willingly taking in instructions of doctors to restrict yourself of unhealthy foods.

Dream About Arrested by Police

To see yourself being arrested by police, foretells that you will face rules and issues by people you do not like nor really know. Certain orders will be will be enforced to restrict your freedom of doing whatever you wish.

Dream About Arresting Someone

Detaining and arresting someone into custody in the dream, suggests that you will exercise your power and authority to restrict others. Perhaps you will push and limit your employees, coworkers from doing something out of place. You are taking actions first and asking questions later. You will be able to convince someone to follow what you tell them to do, you have an upper hand in the realm of negotiation.

Dream About Resisting Arrest

Resisting arrests in the dream, indicates that you are fighting back against unfair treatment in waking life. You are going against certain orders to leave a project or issue alone. If you are successful in the dream, it foretells that you will move up the career ladder and hold important positions.

Dream About Avoiding and Escaping Arrest

To dream that you are escaping and avoiding arrest, means that someone that you know might return from prison or perhaps receive bail.

Dream About Arrested for Assault

To see that you get arrested for assault in the dream, suggests that someone will call out and put a stop to your aggressive behavior. Your impulsive desires and related actions may hit obstacles.

Dream About Witness Police Arrest Someone

Dreaming that someone is getting apprehended by police, means that you will suffer from ill wisher and people who intentionally sabotage your work. However, you will eventually gain an upper hand over them through the assistance of a third party.

Dream About False Arrest

Alternatively, being arrested may reflect you sense of injustice or feeling that something isn’t fair. A problem situation may be calming down.

Dream About House Arrest

Dreaming about house arrest, points to you being restrained due to the fear of failure and making mistake. You are being sidelined by yourself or others, so that you have minimum amount of influence over tasks at hand.

Dream About Mass Arrests

To see mass arrests in the dream, is a sign of unresolved issues, conflicts, and protests. The dream foretells that any opposing views in your organization may be controlled and restrained.

Dream About Arrest Warrant

Seeing arrests warrants in the dream, is symbol for legal contracts that keep you from acting freely. It could point to non disclosure agreements or employment contracts that limits your freedom. The dream suggests that you may suffer certain losses if you do decide to act against certain rules.

Dream About Self-Arrest in Climbing

To self-arrest during mountain climbing, shows that you need to reevaluate how you live your life. Consider planning out life saving strategies when things go wrong and you enter a downward slope. The dream indicates that you need to learn how to save yourself when things get bad.

Dream About Cardiac Arrest

To dream about heart attack or cardiac arrest, foretells that you will suffer negative experiences, that will close your heart and emotions. You will feel like a part of you have died and you may end up feeling nothing.

Dream About Arrested

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