Fountain Dream Interpretation

To see a flowing active fountain in your dream represents joy and renewed pleasure. Pay attention to the type and condition of fountains to get a better interpretation of your state of mind and life. For example, a smooth running fountain with clear water, symbolize relief and peaceful situations in life. Below are more unique interpretations of various fountain related dreams.

Dream About Water Jet Fountains
Dreaming about water jet fountain with water bursting out, relate to your experience of outburst of emotions in the near future. The bursts of water may also be analogous to sexual climax and relationship.

Dream About Waterfall Fountain
The dream of waterfall fountain design, suggests that you need to let go of minor disappointments and negative emotions. These minor failures and letdowns are of your own making, and they are not actually a big deal in your overall life.

Dream About Turning On Fountain Switch
To turn on or activate a fountain in the dream, relates to your increased sensitivity. You are becoming more in tune of your inner self, and you are working to recycle and repeat simple joys in life that make you happy.

Dream About Dry Fountain
Dreaming about a dry fountain with no water, indicates that the passion of your relationship may be drying up. You no longer see renewed or lasting joy from being with your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife.

Dream About Broken Fountain or Leaking Fountain
A broken fountain which stops working or leaks in the dream means problems related to your health. Particular it will have to do with fluids in your body such as blood or urine. It is a bad omen that you may suffer from illness or deficiency in the coming weeks.

Take good care of what you eat and drink. It is a sign that you may suffer from an illness or some deficiency in the coming weeks.

Dream About Fountain with Dirty Water
To encounter a fountain with dirty water, reflects your pride, honor, and morale is low. You do not feel energized to deal with your work, and that you feel your life’s routine is full of disappointments and drag.

Dream About Bathing Inside a Fountain
To bath inside a fountain in the dream, foretells that you will enter into a new relationship, or advance to the next level of relationship in the near future. You will feel loved and refreshed at this next part of love.

Dream About Chocolate Fountain
Dream about chocolate fountains signifies a celebration of love. Perhaps you have been indulging in the sweetness of love, be aware of overindulging and you will end up feeling sick from the lust.

Dream About Beverage Fountain
Dreaming about a beverage fountain like a fruit punch fountain, foretells that you will soon good things in the coming weeks that will make you happy. Perhaps a visit from an old friend or family member whom you will share past memories with.

Dream About Dog Fountain
To dream about a fountain for dogs, suggests that you should share your recurring thoughts with a loyal friend. Perhaps your friend could provide you with refreshing thoughts or feedback which can improve your overall inner emotion.

Dream About Drinking Water Fountain
To dream about drinking from a water fountain indicates that you are feeling tired, you will need to find time for a little break to be emotionally refreshed and rejuvenated. Your energy may be low and a boost in life and motivation is much needed at this time.

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