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Car Parts Dream Interpretation — 17 Comments

  1. I had a dream i was in the car with my older sister (I was in the front passenger seat). We stopped at a traffic light and someone (I was not familiar with this person’s face) broke into the car window and forced open the car trunk, but before the person could manually open the trunk we drove away when light turned green. I think the trunk had a laptop and some other electronic devices? I woke up very scared

  2. I had a wierd dream last night that i had the saxo still n it was in a public car park i could hear the music pumping from it from a distance n when i got back to the car everything inside had been robbed including the seats apart from the drivers seat n stearing wheel.

    • I had a dream I ride a van with huge bumps from a. Coalition.when i ask Gid he said We will buy a new one. What that means

  3. I’ve been having strange nightmares involving my car. One includes walking into the parking lot and when I press the unlock door button, some cars near my car turn on as well and so I’m in anguish and distressed because minutes later I find out that my car has been replaced completely to a different car brand. It’s really hard to explain.

  4. I dreamed someone stole the driver’s door and the passenger’s door on the same side of the car. What does that mean?

  5. OK…I don’t dream much…but this one was odd…
    I dreamed my RADIATOR was dented all over and was leaking just a little bit….

    I was in my dream trying to figure out how it got all dented on all sides…It was protected by car but looked like it rolled in a giant accident…It was long rectangular shape….


  6. I had a dream I got out of my car forgot to lock it keys were in it and I had to go back to the car & my stereo was playing but it was on the ground outside my carand there was like a sheet or blanket over my roof

  7. I had a dream about one big red motorcycle had pulled up to the left side of my old house across the street .I was upstairs and heard it then I heard and saw a whole lot of them that all pulled up in front of my old house being really loud and all facing my old house and then I was blinded by all the bright headlights and then I woke up.

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