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Waterfall Dream Interpretation — 3 Comments

  1. I so appreciate your explanation of my beautiful waterfall dream.
    Know you’ve helped someone in your life…
    I very much THANK YOU … ♡♡♡~..

  2. I had a dream last night sitting under a beautiful waterfall and the water falling on me, I seemed happy under the waterfall, and after the waterfall dream, was another dream of me talking to my ex-friend who stopped being my friend when I became broke and couldn’t secure a job. I was telling her that the wheel turns, it’s my time now, and she will be begging me for money like before when she was broke and used to buy groceries for and her kids. I told her her I’m gonna be ontop of the wheel and she, under the wheel again.

    I was confused by this dream because I have been trying to secure a business deal, a big one and things are very slow and I’m losing my patience. As I have nothing now. No money, no job, my businesses are not doing well and have moved back with my mother and things are NOT going well at home too.

    Please explain what the dream means, am I near to securing this business deal or am I losing the deal?

  3. My dream was about fast water like explosion. The wall exploded and water came out fast to me but I manage to move fast to the other side. Every time I move, the place I moved to starts to explode and every time that happens I always manage to move fast. I have no ideas what does this dream mean. Please help me by interpreting it for me.

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