Waterfall Dream Interpretation

Waterfall in your dream is symbolic of letting go, perhaps you could be letting go of the past, negativity, or something that you hold dear but yet have to let go.

Dream About Small Waterfall
Small waterfalls in dreams represent your short term goals and desires. It reflects short term struggles and continuous attempt at your endeavors. Let go of your minor failures so that you could continue to move forward and improve.

Dream About Huge Waterfall
Dreaming about a huge waterfall and be in awe of the magnitude of it, foretells that you have a chance at securing your wildest desire. However, the dream also foretells wide swings of both successes and failures. By being able to accept the chance of big potential losses and let them go, you will be able to secure successes that is beyond your imagination at the end of the journey.

Dream About Falling Over Off Waterfall
To dream of falling over or off a waterfall, reflects that your pent up emotions and negative feelings are overrunning your life. Be prepared to let those negative thoughts and opinions go, and you may be able to revitalize your life. By holding on and bottling up those negativity inside you, you are destined to doom yourself.

Dream About Climbing Next to Waterfall
To climb the wall next to the waterfall, reflects that you are challenging your weakness to make yourself stronger. The dream foretells significant transformation will be favorable to your progress, however, it will be full of tough decisions and work ahead of you. Be aware of letting go, since you may lose all of your progress in an instant.

Dream About Swimming in Waterfall
Swimming near the waterfall in the dream suggests that you will be taking projects or business opportunities thrown away by others. However, if you are swimming with the wave and current, it is a good sign that you will benefit hugely from it. If you are swimming against the current, it suggests that you will have plenty of challenge to benefit. However, watch out as the intensity of the waterfall can be great, it can run over you if you are not careful about how much you could handle.

Dream About Touring and Seeing Waterfall
To simply see and visit a waterfall without close encounters in the dream, the waterfall here represents your goals and desires. However, it reflects that you are not taking aggressive approach to accomplish your goals, you simply recognize that you have certain objectives without proactively pursuing them.

Dream About Jumping Off Waterfall
To dream of jumping off a waterfall cliff, forebodes that you are surrendering and giving up in the face of obstacles. You are giving up completely with the notion of no return.

Dream About Frozen Waterfall
To see frozen waterfall in dreams, signifies that you have suspended yourself in sorrow. You are not able to let go of the disappointments or loss that you have recently experienced. Perhaps find ways to melt the ice and free yourself from the pain via the support of others in your life.

Dream About Waterfall Fountain
The dream of waterfall fountain design, suggests that you need to let go of minor disappointments and negative emotions. These minor failures and letdowns are of your own making, and they are not actually a big deal in your overall life.

Dream About Bottom of Waterfall
Dreaming about being at the bottom of waterfall, suggests that you are feeling emotionally overwhelmed. You are experiencing difficulties to cope with your feelings. Specifically, you still see the things that make you feel emotionally hurt on a daily basis. Perhaps you are still friends with your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend, and seeing them with their new significant others on Social Media drives you crazy repeatedly.

Dream About Drinking from Waterfall
Drinking from a waterfall in the dream signifies cleansing and new beginning. You will get fresh start on life, and letting go of the past baggage.

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