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Maggots Dream Interpretation — 15 Comments

  1. In my dream, I bend down to kiss my husband(I’m thinking it was him. We had just had an argument.) As I lifted my head I felt I had majors in my mouth and when I looked down at him, it was not him but a bowl full of maggots. That’s why I had mouthful. What is the meaning?
    I want to keep my name and email anonymous, please.

  2. I had a sick dream about maggots. Like I had it all over my face and I saw my reflection in the mirror in my dream .My face was all red and my entire eyes were pitch black like the white portion of the eyes weren’t even visible .some how I manage to wash off the maggots off my face but then I realise that there’s a flood of maggots eating things and I’m running away and the entire town was facing maggot epidemic . In the end there was a fire to burn all the maggots …. I’m super creeper out about my dream can you please tell me something about it . Thank you!

  3. I dreamed about clean maggot coming out of my abdomen. On my right side of my abdomen. They where white and just falling on the floor wwile I was at work then I decided to go to the hospital by then I just woke up.

  4. I dream of maggot coming from the left side of my chest near to the center of my neck it wasn’t hurting but I pull out a few but there were more I walk with them in my dream n then I wake n remembered my dream by mid day

  5. I dreamt my hair was breaking due to growing of maggot. Then I saw all my hair fall off due to the maggot . then I look like a little baby and very happy and very happy . I continue to look and I saw that I grow older to about 12 years or 14 there off and I look pretty and very happy and I said to myself I am very beautiful even without my hair… then I woke.

  6. I dreamed about maggots in my house a lot of them and a nest where they were coming from i also have my mom and dad’s urns in my house they passed away 7/4/15 and 6/15/16 what does it mean i never dream about maggots this is the first

  7. Had a dream of white maggots coming out from watermelon and it was coming out big one it bite me on my back and there where allot dead one on floor but dry color Brown what does it mean

  8. I dreamt where a small child poured rotten doughnuts full of maggots on my body. What is the interpretation?

  9. I had a dream of unknown person…and the bad smell from the head of the person with a dozens of maggots.what do this mean

  10. I had a dream of unknown person(stranger), and the bad smell from the head of the person with a dozens of maggots taken out and still doing it.what does this mean.

  11. I dreamy of a lot of maggots in my ex husbands house! They were coming from chairs in the sitting room and his mattress in The bedroom! They were so many that it was strange, i had no where to step as they were a lot and i had to clean up.

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