Glue Dream Interpretation

Glues in dreams represents that you are trying to hold together some type of commitment or relationship in real life. Perhaps you are putting together a team or crew of your school or work project. Consider how and why you are using the glue in the dream to get better understanding of what it might represent.

Eating Glue
To dream that you are eating non-edible glue in the dream, indicates that you are holding on to some false hope. The dream indicates that you are trying to repair some type of long lost relationship or connection, it foretells that you will most likely fail.

Gluing Together Broken Items
To see yourself trying to glue together previously rejected parts of your waking life. You are piecing together parts to try to make things functional again. Perhaps you see the values in repairing broken items rather than replacing them.

Teeth Being Glued
To dream that your teeth being glued or fixed, suggests that you are trying to stay in power in your current position. Perhaps you have made certain errors that has caused you to lose your influences. You need to find ways to repair your confidence, verbalization, and the ability to express your desires.

Having and Using Glue
To see that you have or find a spare bottle of glue and start using it randomly for no reason, indicates that you are simply starting a relationship or connection because you feel lonely. Perhaps you have just stepped out of a relationship with your ex partner or divorced spouse, and you are holding onto the first person that steps into your life again. The dream suggests that you might be giving your trust and love too easily in this rebound phase.

Eyes Getting Glued Shut
To dream that your eyelids get glued shut or even taped together, represents a wish or intention to have a situation or relationship stay as it is. You have chosen or forced to keep your eyes closed and not trying to really understand what has happened. The dream suggests that there are certain evil or dishonest going on in your waking life, and you are asked to not look.

Getting and Buying Glue
To dream that you are buying or getting for glue as work or school supply, can be a reflection of real life responsibilities. Be ready of requires or demands that could get sticky in the future. Your company and organization will ask you to step in and fix things on a moments notice.

Spilling Glue
Spill liquid glue in the dream is a bad omen. It suggests that some type of debt from the past will catch up on you. Be aware of tax, credit card, or mortgage that is not paid back on time. They will pile up and cause you a great deal of trouble in the future. You will spend significant amount of effort and time to clean up the sticky mess.

Removing Dried Glue
Removing dried glue or glue stains, indicates that you are finally able to get a problem or trauma off your mind. You are relieving yourself the pressure or mark from the past off your shoulders. You will no longer restricted by abusive relationship and ready to free yourself.

Stepping on Glue
To dream that you are stepping on glue and your shoes become sticky, suggests that you are heading into a sticky situation. Be careful about stepping on landmine or pain spots of people that will make the whole situation worse.

Falling Into a Pool of Glue
To see yourself falling into a pool of glue, indicates a fear of being trapped in some contract or commiment and not being able to get out of it.

Super Glue or Fast Glue
To dream about super glue or fast glue, suggests that you have hastily put together your business or career plan. Your progress might look perfect and flawless in the short term. However, if a serious problem or bad news arises, your organization might not last for many years.

Edible Glue
To dream about edible glue for desserts or cakes, foretells that you will soon become an owner of a large estate and fortune. You will make good use of this newly found asset to make your life more comfortable and functional.

Glue Sticks
To see glue sticks in the dream, foretells that you will hit small snags at work or school. You will be able to overcome these small obstacles easily with very little amount of setback.

White Glue
To dream about white glue, foretells that you will be able to avert troubles with the support of your friends and relatives. They will help you to stay together in one piece.

Clear Glue
To dream about clear glue, reflects that you should not take the help of your friends and relatives for granted. Even if their assistance is hard to see or invisible after the facts, they are valuable when you need them.

Hot Glue Gun
To dream about hot glue gun, points to people who are always obsessed with their thoughts. They are extremely passionate and wants to shape things in a certain way. And they want people to make fast decisions and commitments. Be aware of manipulative actions and trying to forcibly put people together.

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