Rice Dream Interpretation

Rice in dreams typically symbolize success, prosperity, luck, stability, and fertility. Depending on how rice is perceived and consumed in the dream, you may have different rice dream contexts and interpretations. Below we will go over all the common rice dream scenarios to help you understand how they could relate and foretell your waking life.

Dream About Receiving Rice
Dreaming about receiving rice from someone, indicates that you will soon be offered with a employment or business opportunity or deal. The dream indicates that the deal or proposal will not be elaborate or luxurious, but you will be able to derive decent life sustaining income.

Dream About Harvesting Rice
Harvesting rice in the dream, indicates that it is a time for you to solidify your direction in your career and prepare for the future. You are ready to take that leap to take on more responsibilities as well as reap the rewards. Perhaps you are planning to sell a stake in your business, exercise that stock option, or cashing out your retirement somehow. Be aware to execute these actions carefully as they are dealing with your hard work and life’s savings.

Dream About Cooking Rice
Cooking rice in the dream, is a sign that you will take on more leadership role at your organization to present the final product. Be mindful that your family or work depends on you to provide and make the best out of your resources. Spend the proper energy and time so that you could bring joy and energy to those around you.

Dream About Serving Rice
Dreaming about serving rice to other people, is a sign that you will be reaching out to make new connections with friends, network, or other groups. The dream indicates that you will receive positive results if you are more generous with your dealings, considering deals or offers that may great benefit others, and you will be more easily accepted.

Dream About Buying Rice
To buy raw rice grain in the dream, is an indication that you should only spend your money on things that are absolutely necessary in life. Avoid buying luxurious items that do not contribute to your family’s minimum survival needs. Although you are in a situation where you have enough resources, spending them on the right things will propel you a long way and make a good living.

Dream About Buying Cooked Rice
Buying cooked and tasty rice in the dream, is a sign that you crave a happy and fulfilled home life. Perhaps you do not feel that your current family and home is filled with contentment and warmth. And you crave such happiness and wish for some quick and easy ways to acheive it.

Dream About Planting Rice
To plant and grow rice seedlings, symbolize your need for patience in your projects. Perhaps you are entering and go full speed into things too quickly and expect results right away. Consider giving people and your business endeavors more time before you could see positive progress and results.

Dream About Cleaning or Washing Rice
To dream about washing and cleaning rice, indicates that you feel your life needs to be cleansed of something. Your life is fairly fulfilling and healthy, however, there are parts that could be better. If you do not address those issues, those bad habits or small things may be detrimental to your health and well being.

Dream About Uncooked Rice
Uncooked rice in the dream indicates that you have new responsibilities that will bring you joy. You do not exactly know what or how to proceed with these news events on the horizon. Perhaps it could be a new projects, or new addition to your family.

Dream About Throwing Rice
To throw rice in the dream, is a reminder that you should reconsider your intention of doing or wishing the things that you do. Perhaps your wasteful actions do not bring the best results.

Dream About Vomiting Rice
To vomit rice in the dream, is an omen that your physical and mental health will take a hit in the near future. Certain things that you deem helpful or healthy, may not be so well after all. Be aware of relationship that you have counted on in the past, as they could turn sour or hard to digest.

Dream About Selling Rice
To sell rice in the dream, indicates that you should take up offers or jobs where you could help sustain other people’s life. However, be aware of focusing only on your interest instead of other people’s well being. Your success could be fully achieved when you place your focus on others.

Dream About Sharing Rice
Sharing rice with others in your dream, means that you will be joyful and happy. And that you will share your prosperity with other people.

Dream About Eating Plain Steamed Rice
Eating plain steamed rice by itself in the dream, denotes simple happiness and tranquility in the home. You are happy and content with what you have, and you do not plan to ask for anything more.

Dream About Rice Rain
To dream about rice raining from the sky, is a sign that you might be in discord with your acquaintances or family due to monetary issues. Perhaps there are wealth disparity between you and your friends, and such gap is causing issues with your relationship.

Dream About Rice Soup Porridge
If you were served rice soup or rice porridge in the dream, someone is taking care of you in your waking life. And if you are sick, you can count on a speedy recovery.

Dream About Rice Water
To dream about rice water without eating rice, or water used to wash or clean rice, is a sign that tough times may be ahead. You will have to come up with creative and harsh ways to make ends meet.

Dream About Cooked Rice
Cooked rice in dreams suggests completed deeds that you can not change or undo. There is very little room for you to improve on what you have done in the past. If your goal is to get better and achieve more, you may need to restart everything and start over. If you are not willing to do so, be contend and enjoy what you have made for yourself.

Dream About Rice Cooker
To see or use a rice cooker in the dream, is a sign that you will obtain additional living space or office space. You will obtain new tools or resources to accomplish your goals in the near future.

Dream About Raw Rice Grains
Raw rice grain ready to be cooked in the dream, refers to your potential into transforming into productive means. It could also suggest that you are not ready to profit from your work yet.

Dream About Rice Field or Farm
Dreaming about rice paddy, rice field, or farms, is indicative that you are in the right track of achieving your goals of prosperity and fertility. However, be careful about not forgetting who or what has made your success. Be grateful of your own hard work as well as other people’s assistance.

Dream About Rice Cake
Rice cake in dreams, indicate that you will receive a gift not particularly valuable, but it will be dear to your heart.

Dream About Rice Pudding
Rice pudding in the dream, foretells that you will be rewarded heavily for your work. In addition, your coworkers and colleagues who worked on the projects will also benefit.

Dream About Sushi Rice
Sushi rice in dream indicates that you have good confidence in your choices, you are ready to move forward with your hunch and gut feeling.

Dream About Dead or Dry Rice Crops
Dead or drying rice crops in the dream, is an omen that you will miss an important opportunity because you do not behave socially. People around you will hold you back from achieving and enjoying your success.

Dream About Puffed Rice
Having puffed rice in the dream, indicates that you will make fuller of what you have. You may be overstating or bragging about your belongings. However, you do not have ill intention but rather to fit in with others.

Dream About Scattered Rice Grains
Seeing rice grains being scattered, is an indication that you may be losing valuable assets or money due to fees. The individual monthly fees and dues may not seem much, but they will add up to a decent sum which you will lose out on. Consider adding up and pooling together your assets to get a clearer view of your money.

Dream About Rice Bag or Rice Sack
To dream about rice bag or rice sack, suggests that you have friends and family whom you could count on in times of need. There is a positive energy surrounding you and you could tackle issues that you thought were not possible. Your social circle provides a safety net for you to fall back on if you hit any ob

Dream About Rotten and Spoiled Rice
Dreaming about rotten or spoiled rice, portends to problems in real life due to over contend. Perhaps you have been easy going because work or money had been good and you have had stable income. However, your carefree life style is going to lead to difficulties and losses. Your clients or customers may decide to stop communicating with you and you will lose your relationships. Consider remain faithful to your ideals and you will be able to carry through this hard period.

Dream About Dirty Rice
To see dirty rice in the dream, imply that you will rely on some seemingly impossible and even unwanted job or task. You will need to simply deal with work and accomplish what you have to do, regardless of how unwilling you are.

Dream About Coconut Rice
Coconut rice in dreams points to surprise money or income that you will soon receive. You will find savings or accounts that you have forgotten before.

Dream About Fried Rice
Fried rice in dreams, indicates that you will be able to gain income from re-purpose of your past work. Consider checking what you have done in the past, and see if you could use that as a template and blueprint which can lead to your next success.

Dream About Boiled Rice
Boiled rice in the dream, refers that you will be happy in a crowded environment in the near future. Be patient enough until you blend in with the group of people in a social setting.

Dream About Burned Rice
Burned rice in the dream, indicates that you or someone is going to overstay their welcome. You might end up spending more money, resources, and effort than you wished for.

Dream About Bowl of White Rice
A simple bowl of white rice, is symbolic of the bliss and contentment in your familial relationship. You would enjoy a strong and enduring bond with your family.

Dream About Beaten Rice
Beaten rice in the dream, reflects that trying to figure out longer term plans is an intelligent idea for your situation. Consider figuring out ways to make your resources and money last will prove valuable.

Dream About Lemon Rice
Seeing or having lemon rice in the dream, indicates that you feel that your partner in your home life is turning sour towards you. There might be certain hard feelings that he or she is trying to get across either intentionally or unintentionally. Consider paying more attention on what your spouse is trying to say.

Dream About Sweet Rice
Sweet rice in dreams indicates that you will pay certain amount money to dress yourself up for either a job interview or dating appointments.

Dream About Glutinous Sticky Rice
To dream about glutinous sticky rice, suggests that you will reach a regular income due to your reputation. You will earn abundant daily bread and money, your bosses and clients will keep on turning to you for advice and good work that you provide.

Dream About Yellow Rice
Yellow rice in dreams reflect intelligent ideas and good advice that you should stick with. They might sound uncomfortable or hard in the beginning, but once you start executing, it will be good for you.

Dream About Brown Rice
Dreams of brown rice, indicates that you will earn brownie points by being true to your opinions. Try not to process or sugar coat your negative criticisms too much. You want to provide healthy and good ideas to others.

Dream About Black Rice
Black rice in dreams, may suggest that your home life may be distasteful because your relationship is leaving you feeling empty. You do not find the good in your partner.

Dream About Rice and Beans
Dreaming about rice and beans served together, is a sign that you wish to get paid for your work as soon as possible. You have little patience to wait for the invoice or your paycheck. Watch out for making poor decisions because of your need for fast cash.

Dream About Rice and Meat Stew
Having rice and meat stew together, is a sign that your affairs and projects will be successfully completed. You will be accompanies by unprecedented luck and success in business and family life. You will enjoy all the wealth and you generate from your work.

Dream About Rice and Chicken
To dream about rice and chicken together, it promises that you will receive material benefits that are basic and easy to achieve. You will have the courage to transform and partake on certain projects.

Dream About Rice and Fish
Having rice and fish together in the dream, indicates that you will have an excessive amount of confidence in your choice. You crave basic warmth and love from your family, and you will avoid taking on any risk that may jeopardize your current life life style. You will not question your spiritual guidance nor any decisions that you have made or will make.

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