Gangster Dream Meaning – Top 10 Dreams About Gangsters

Did you dream about mafias? It points to control and manipulation. Someone is using his or her power against your will. You are going through inner conflict and turmoil between doing the right or unethical things. Consider if you are a part of the crime syndicate or the victim. Below we will help you discover more dream meanings about organized crime or mafia gangs.

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Dream About Interacting with Mafia

Joining Organized Crime
Dreaming that are you being a gangster or joining organized crime; suggests that you are participating in behaviors without morality or guilt. You are doing whatever it takes to achieve your desired outcome. You are willing to cheat the rules, lie your way, or use violence if necessary. The dream foretells that you will use dirty tactics to take down your opponents or competitors.

Chased by a Mafia
To see yourself being chased by the mafia; forewarns that you will be hustled and bullied into submission. Be careful if you have anything valuable. Someone will take advantage of you without you knowing.

Following and Going After Gangster
To dream that you are a detective or police going after gangsters; foretells that you will take a stand against injustice. You will soon join a protest and voice your strong opinions against injustice. However, you might put your own personal safety at risk.

Fighting and Killing Gangster
To dream that you are fighting and killing gangsters using guns; suggests that you will soon face down your fears. You will confront a controlling person in your personal life. And soon you will end an abusive relationship. Obtain some form of success in your daily dealings with people.

Dream About Mafia People

Italian Mafia Boss
To see an Italian mafia boss like the Godfather in the dream; suggests that your current work or family managers are requesting unreasonable demands from you. You will have to make tough decisions to fulfill those requests. The dream indicates that the display of loyalty will be your uttermost importance in the near future.

Gangster Friend
To dream that your friend is becoming a gangster; suggests that you are not calculating risks correctly in waking life. Perhaps you are taking on risky endeavors that might endanger your current lifestyle.

Dream About Common Gangster Terms

Mafia Extortion for Protection
To dream that you are being extorted by mafias; points to a person or situation that you cannot refuse. Some organizations like a government, business, or church might make you morally obligated in some way. It could relate to unreasonable income or property taxes, fees, or donation offerings. Although you do pay it up in waking life. Subconsciously, you feel that others are manipulating and extorting. You cannot say no.

Organized Crime Kidnapping
To dream that a mafia or organized crime kidnapping you or your loved one; forewarns that someone will ask you a costly favor. You feel powerless or weak against such requests. You might have your freedom taken away or jailed physically or mentally. Perhaps you are in a situation that is hard to get out of.

Gang Turf War
To dream about gang turf war; forewarns that you will in between certain power struggle in waking life. You might become a victim of issues that do not concern you. Perhaps your managers, superiors, or different teacher will assert various influences on you. Try to find or sense the winning side in waking life. You might have to pick a side soon in order to seek refugee.

Gang Execution
To see gang execution in the dream; suggests that you will soon be unreasonably punished for your mistakes. You will not have the chance to prove your own innocence. Other people will judge you and carry out their decisions on a whim. Watch out for life-changing events such as layoffs, mortgage troubles, or rental evictions.

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