Web Dream Interpretation

Dreaming about spider web represents the interconnectedness of everyone and everything around you. It represents the desire of you or someone wanting to control everything. Consider how and where you are seeing spider cobwebs in the dream to get better dream meanings interpretation.

Spider Weaving Web
To see a spider weaving a web like yarn, foretells that you will be rewarded for your hard work. You will create and manage a product that will be able to capture and convert clients or customers. It suggests that you are working on a complicated project involving many interconnecting parts. As a result you will be promoted and recognized for your achievement.

Being Caught in a Web
To see yourself being caught in a big spider web, suggests that you are trapped and entangled in a sticky or clingy relationship. The whole dilemma is consuming your energy and you cannot get out of it.

Other Bugs Stuck On a Web
Seeing bugs, mosquitoes, or flies being stuck on a web, indicates that you or someone is being held back from fully expressing oneself. Whoever speaks up will get trapped and punished. You will have to rely on your basic survival instinct so that you do not ensnare yourself in a bad situation.

Shooting Out Spider Web
To dream that you are shooting out spider from your arms or mouth, foretells that you will be proactive to diffuse dangerous situations. You will be protective of your territory and belongings, and devour any trespassers that can damage your life.

Cleaning Cobweb
Cleaning cobweb in the dream with a broom or mop, indicates that you are working your way out of emotional and physical entanglements. You are ridding yourself of past legal or emotional troubles so that you could get a clean start. Let go of the old memories and clean up the dust.

Black Web
A dark or black web in the dream, points to certain type of unethical or negative dependencies on one another, perhaps there is bribery or blackmail occuring in waking life. You are holding someone or something hostage.

Big Large Web
To dream about a big large web, points to the responsibilities in the background that is limiting your every move. Perhaps you are living within the boundaries and expectations of hovering parents or managers. You are having trouble to get out of your work and family obligations that limit your freedom.

Web in Hair
To have web being stuck in your hair, indicates that you are stressing over disturbances in life. Someone solution to their personal issues cause problems to you personally. It could be minor issues like someone parking their car in your designated spaces, but you will be very annoyed by other people’s actions.

Web on Face
Dreaming about cobweb on your face, represents that you are holding on to past hurts or damaged reputation. You are acting defensively.

Web in Mouth
To dream that you have spider web inside your mouth, suggests that you will be in the middle of trouble because of something that you have said. Something awkward and out of place will be in your life and you will not be proud of it.

Web in Ear
To dream about web in ear, suggests that you will let your social network or circle affect how you act and feel. You will pay too much attention to the world wide web, and that will cloud your best judgement. Others will manipulate you with their hidden agenda.

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