Dinosaur Dream Meaning

To see a dinosaur in your dream symbolizes an outdated attitude or social standing. Consider the context of the dream or the type of dinosaur that appeared in your dream to get some clues on the area of your life that may be outdated.

If the dream is about a dinosaur trapped, dying or being killed in an apocalypse setting. You may need to discard your old ways of thinking and habits. Perhaps the overall changing environment in the waking life is destroying your ability to survive and thrive.

Dreaming about dinosaur baby or eggs suggests a resurrection or re introduction of an old fad or habit. For example, you may start seeing someone wearing a certain fashion items after the item is out of style for numbers of years. Observing the old style again can trigger the dream of seeing a dinosaur baby.

Dinosaur bones reflect a greatness of a past time period or spiritual standing. For example, if you practiced a religion for a long time, but no longer practice it. Dreaming about dinosaur bones or watching an exhibit, can reflect the period of life where you were a believer of the particular religion.

To dream that you are a dinosaur being chased indicates your fears of no longer being needed or useful. Perhaps you are being replaced by younger grads or coworkers at work. Since your own work skill has become outdated.

Seeing an amusement park made with dinosaur theme like Jurassic Park or Jurassic World, is a sign that you need to go back to your retro roots. Consider bringing back old and outdated values into your every day living, you might achieve surprising pleasant results.

Dreaming about being afraid and chased by a dinosaur reflects old and ancient issues coming back to haunt you.

Dreaming about museums displaying dinosaur fossils, represents a part of your history that needs to be cherished and remembered. Even if they did not seem too important at the time, these events have become an important part of you.

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