Armpit Dream Meaning – Top 5 Dreams About Armpits

Did you dream about the armpit? Seeing and noticing your or someone else’s armpit in your dream; represents your social connections and relationships with others. The armpit is generally a hidden private body area away from public view. Showing your armpit or seeing another person may mean a close relationship of you with that person. It means that you feel completely comfortable with one another. Find deeper meanings and analysis to your armpit-related dreams now.

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The armpit itself is the characteristics and personality that you chose to display to the public. Having a more hairy armpit inside dreams symbolizes your masculine side (When you do not have a hairy armpit in reality).

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Dream About Smelling Your Armpit

To smell your armpit in your dream indicates that you are making some character adjustments. You wish to smooth over a situation or relationship. The act of smelling your armpit in dreams suggests that you are looking for acceptance from the people around you. Make sure that you “smell” acceptable to others. You worry about how others perceive you.

If you put perfume or deodorant on your armpit in the dream; it suggests that you try to be presentable even to your closest friends. Perhaps you are not willing to let your circle of friends know the real you.

Dream About Armpits Hair Growing Fast

If you have a dream that your armpit hairs are growing fast and long; this symbolizes your connection to your masculine side. You may feel more aggressive with how you approach different people socially. If you are a young teen, dreaming about arm hair growing; it may indicate that you will grow fast and hit growth spurts and puberty.

Dream About Shaving Armpits Hair

By dreaming about combing or shaving armpit hair, you prepare yourself to start new relationships by meeting other people. In the meantime, you are also looking towards your appearance for others to accept you.

You can also be subconsciously trying to dial down your aggressive behavior towards people close to you. Toning down that “masculine” side of you.

Dream About Unruly Armpits Hair

Although long armpit hairs generally symbolize masculinity. Having ugly and unruly armpit hair reflects a more laid-back attitude or appearance to others. You will tend not to care about how others perceive you.

Dream About Sweaty Armpits

If you generally do not have a sweaty armpit, but you are dreaming that you do. It means that some gossip revolving around you may be hurting your reputation to others.

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