Lips Dream Meaning – Top 16 Dreams About Lips

Did you dream about lips? Lips in dreams signify sensuality, sex, love, and romance. They relate to communication and the messages that you try to convey. Consider how and what you are doing with your lips to get a better interpretation.

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Dream About Actions on Lips

Bleeding Lips
Bleeding lips in the dream relates to a period of lost love. You are not able to convey your message of love to others in an effective manner. Be careful of broken hearts due to misinterpreted messages of affection.

Kiss on Lips
To dream that you kiss someone on the lips; foretells that you will have really close and personal communication with others. You are forming a bond on a spiritual and intellectual level.

Peeling Lips
To dream about skin peeling lips, forewarns that you will leave open some vulnerability in your words and communication. Perhaps you have said something that you do not mean to. And this wrong choice of words and messages are hurting people. You will soon tell some harsh skinless truths to others.

Burning Lips
To dream about you burn your lips on something hot like coffee or soup; foretells that you will be burned by someone’s hot temper. You will soon ask for some feedback from others about your appearances or ways of communication. The dream suggests that the feedback may be too hot for you to handle.

Biting Lips
Dream about biting your lips, suggests you will be appreciated for your toleration of something or someone.

Cutting Lips
To dream that you cut your lips, forewarns that your proposal or requests will be shot down. You will soon face very unpleasant encounters. Perhaps someone will reject you and even silence you from further expressing your views.

Dream About Size of Lips

Thin Lips
Thin lips or small lips in the dream indicates that you will have trouble convincing someone. Others are not taking you serious and you won’t have your voices or concerns seen.

Big Fat Lips
To see or have big fat lips in the dream, points to balance and abundance. You will have great feelings built on mutual respect.

Swollen Lips
Swollen lips in the dream points to potential health problems or disease. It could relate to you taking something too harshly and personally such as an allergy dream. Someone or something is making you uncomfortable and perhaps even speechless.

Dream About Conditions of Lips

Chapped Lips
To dream about chapped lips; suggests that you should watch out for negativity affecting you. You might be talking too much or trying to take care of business. That you forget about taking care of your own well being. Consider getting a good mental rest before you start again.

Sore Numb Lips
To dream sore numb lips; indicates that you take the actions of the opposite sex too close to your heart. You are careful about everything that you say or do, so that you can impress and not offend the person. However, the dream indicates that you might be getting tired of keeping it up.

Dry Lips
Dry lips in the dream warn that you are on the verge of emotional stress. You need some emotional refreshers to recharge yourself. Be careful about saying things that you do not mean to while under duress.

Split Lips
Dream about split lips foretells windfall. You will get a surprising amount of money.

Sealed Lips
To dream that you are having sealed lips, points to keeping secrets and the truths within you. You will choose not to say something or speak up your mind.

Lip Gloss or Lipsticks
Lipsticks in the dream suggest that you are not entirely truthful about something. You wish to say and package your thoughts in a certain way. You wish to give others a good impression of your look, speech, and sex appeal.

Dream About Colors of Lips

Black Lips
Dreaming about black lips suggests that you are choosing to remain silent. You refuse to say something about a particular situation.

Blue Lips
Blue lips in the dream, forewarns possible problems with your blood circulation. Consider checking out your arteries and veins for any blood-related disease.

Red Lips
Red lips in the dream foretell that a lover will come into your life. Stale romance will bloom again.

Pink Lips
Pink lips suggest sensuality and sexual attraction. You will have sweet loving intimate communication with your significant other.

Purple Lips
Purple lips in the dream forewarn that you will have trouble convincing someone. You might need to spend some money or offer some type of bribes to get your way.

White Lips
White lips in the dream symbolize the loss and unpleasant family relationships. Be careful of troubles that lead to cold emotions.

Green Lips
To dream about green lips foretell that you might mess someone up over your interest. Perhaps you will tell lies that are poisonous to get what you want.

Orange Lips
Orange lips in the dream represent invitation and temptation. You will soon take upon something exotic and interesting.

Other Dreams About Lips

To dream that you are lip synching indicates that someone else is speaking. And that you are having a hard time finding your own voice. The dream reflects that you lack your own identity. You are trying to live up to the expectation of others.

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