Chest Dream Meaning – Top 23 Dreams About Chest

Did you dream about chests? The chest can either be a part of your body or as a storage unit like a treasure chest. To see your chest in your dream signifies confidence, conquest, and vitality. To dream about your chest can relate to physical conditions in waking life. However, it can also relate to your conscience and heart. Below we will go through common dream interpretations for chests as body parts or as storage.

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Dream About Chest as Body Part

Dream About Actions Done to Chest

Chest Pain or Chest Infection
To dream that you are experiencing chest infection or pain, is a sign that you feel unjust in a troublesome issue. Someone or something is bothering your conscience.

Dream About Chest Cut Open
Dreaming that your chest is being cut open, indicates someone will dig deep into your heart in order to find fault in you.

Dream About Chest Wound
Consider the type of chest wound to better interpret the dream. A bruised chest indicates you will soon be pressured into unwanted actions. Burned chest with fire indicates that your confidence in yourself will be heavily damaged.

Dream About Getting Stabbed in the Chest with Knife
To dream that someone stabbing in the chest, foretells that someone is going to betray right in front of you. He or she will break your heart and confidence. Your livelihood might be taken in front of you. Be aware of your employees or subordinates who might leave you to help your competitors instead. The dream is similar to an animal like a snake bite your chest.

Dream About Being Shot in the Chest
Dreaming that you are being shot in the chest with a gun, foretells some type of serious medical problems in the future. Be mindful of potential heart or lung disease that might become deadly. Look out for respiratory diseases such as influenza, pneumonia, bronchitis, or coronavirus.

Dream About Chest Appearances

Dream About Male Naked Bare Chest
To dream about male chest or someone pounding on his chest, indicates that someone is being assertive about his dominant power. He is trying to prove that he is powerful with his ego.

Dream About Chest Hair
Chest hair in the dream points to your feelings and emotions. If you suddenly grow chest hair, it points to love and passion. However, if you dream that your chest hair gets shaved off; it points to you removing your feelings and compassion towards certain individuals.

Dream About Tattoo on Chest
To dream about tattoos on your chest, symbolizes how you feel about your past experiences.

Dream About Woman Chest
To dream about a female chest in the dream, consider checking out the dream meaning for breast.

Dream About Scar on Chest
The scar on the chest in the dream, represents difficult events or life lessons that are hard to forget. There was certain trauma that has happened in the past, which has shaped how you feel about the world forever.

Dream About Chest Pimple or Chest Rash
To dream about a chest pimple or acne, points to your self-confidence issues. However, the dream suggests that you might appear assuring in front of strangers. But the people who know you closely understand your lack of security about yourself.

Dream About Chest as a Storage

Treasure chest in the dream points to something that you hold dear. You want to keep something close to yourself or only you know. Are you keeping a map? Perhaps you are keeping certain secrets so that you could leverage it later. Below are more dream interpretations for chests.

Dream About Actions with a Chest

Dream About Breaking a Chest
To dream that you are breaking a chest with a hammer, refers to major life changes that are coming up. You might soon start a family or get job changes.

Dream About Hiding a Chest
Dreaming that you are digging a hole with a shovel to hide a chest, indicates that you are burying an important part of your past.

Dream About Hiding Inside a Chest
To dream that you are hiding inside a chest, forewarns that you will have an embarrassing issue. It refers to rumor and gossip that others will have about you. Particularly, people will question how you have earned money and made a living for yourself.

Dream About Location of Chest

Dream About Treasure Chest Deep Water
To see a treasure chest deep underwater, indicates that you will have a hard time accessing your resources. Your support network might be drowning when you need them.

Dream About Wedding Chest
To dream about wedding chests for gifts or envelope money, foretell that your marriage will be supported by family and friends.

Dream About Appearances of the Chest

Dream About White Chest
White chest in the dream foretells that your heart is open and you will have peace of mind.

Dream About Big Chest of Drawers
To see a chest drawer or a cabinet drawer in the ream; it refers to a combination or assortment of your repressed thoughts and emotions.

Dream About Locked Chest
To see a locked chest, is a sign that you do not have the key and means to reach your rewards. Focus on spending your effort to figure out better processes and methods.

Dream About Open Chest
An open chest in the dream, foretells that your life will be in order. However, watch out for ill-intentioned person who might take advantage of your generosity.

Dream About Material of Chest

Dream About Wooden Chest
Wooden chest in the dreams foretell about good and profitable news from your relative and friends.

Dream About Golden Chest
Golden chest in the dream, foretells profitable businesses and projects. You will be able to reap the rewards and save money. Other people will pay you back plenty of favors. However, you will both need luck and hard work to pull it off.

Dream About Metal Chest
To see a metal chest in the dream foretells that you will enter into a crowded society with many people. If the metal chest is rusted, you will have conflicts with people about your personal property.

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