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Brain Dream Interpretation — 3 Comments

  1. I had multiple dreams in on sleep period without waking… I was at work, in an aircraft hangar. It was packed with stuff & people. Me & a few people were eating the brains of an unnamed famous person. I remember the brains being pink & we were eating jelly with them. I remember scooping them out of the skull & not lik g them but I had to keep eating them in my disgust.
    The dream jumped over to me being on a yacht with multiple people. My son,, in waking life, that is 18, loves to control & even take over the electronics in the house, somehow was playing really loud Synthwave music on this yacht & I was trying to turn it down while using my cell phone, but unable to do so. It was dusk/early evening & everyone was wearing bright colored clothing. The owner of the boat was some famous muslim guy with brown skin & curly black hair (not kinky), but as if he used a smaller sized curling iron. It was long, but a couple inches above his neck.
    Does this interest anyone, help anyone or does anyone have a meaning to this?

  2. im having a really weird dream recently, its was about the brain and during dreaming I have a scene of alot of brain laying on the table and its has been split a part. then I saw a note right on the table write “eat the brain”

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