Brain Dream Meaning – Top 9 Dreams About Brains

Did you dream about the brain? Brain in dreams represents intellect, thinking, insight, creativity, and finally, true feelings and thoughts. When you encounter symbols or pictures of the brain in the dream, it is an indication that you need to put your problem-solving ability to good use. However, when you dream about your own brain, it can reflect how you think.

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Dream About Brain Damage or Disease

Brain damage generally suggests that you either have negative thoughts or experienced recent actions that took away who you are. You may never act or think again after suffering different forms of brain injury. Consider the context where you might have suffered brain damage, such as sports like football or enduring a car accident.

Brain Tumor:
When you dream about a brain tumor or cancer, it suggests that some form of unhealthy thought is growing out of control in your mind. Perhaps you are thinking about doing some violent acts. However, if a doctor tells you that you only have a certain amount of time to live after a brain cancer diagnosis, it suggests that your subconscious is not being challenged enough; it is calling out for help.

Exposed Brain:
To dream about the exposed brain from some accident or attack suggest that you have left your true inner thoughts or ideas vulnerable for attack. Perhaps you have recently shared your thoughts about certain issues, only to have people ignoring or making fun of you.

Brain Falling Out:
When the dream depicts the brain falling out with head structure still intact, it indicates that you have not been thinking at all about your recent actions. The result is that you now act without your head or emotions.

Brain Aneurysm:
Dreaming about getting a Brain Aneurysm could suggest fear of having the disease if your family history contains it. However, it can also mean that you are under tremendous mental stress. This stress can burst and cause irreversible damage to your well-being.

Brain Hurting
Dreaming that your brain is hurting like a migraine or overthinking because of tests or even ice cream foretells that you subconsciously feel stressed out about an upcoming event.

Dream About Eating Brain

To dream about yourself eating a brain, it suggests that you want to get more knowledge and insight from someone.

However, if brain-eating is an instinctual act such as a zombie-eating brain, it suggests that you want others to be like you without reason. For example, if a zombie is eating your brain. It suggests that someone is trying to take away your own ability to think for yourself.

Dream About Brain Surgery

To dream that you are undergoing brain surgery or lobotomy indicates that you need to rethink important issues. It might be time to change your way of thinking and remove any misconceived notions. Brain surgery signifies that you are trying to get to your subconscious and access its insights.

If you dream about removing pieces of your brain, it suggests that you are trying to erase certain thoughts from your consciousness.

However, if the dream is to add or modify your own brain, it suggests that you are under great mental stress. You want to easily fix the issues by adding thoughts artificially into your own mind.

Brain Transplant
To dream that a surgeon is transplanting your brain to another body or even a robot is a reminder that you need better capability or resources to execute your strategy. Perhaps you have the brains, but you lack the physical ability to make those plans happen.

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