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Breast Boobs Dream Interpretation — 11 Comments

  1. I saw myself sucking milk from an unknown women. She willingly fed me with lot of milk from both breasts until I got irection . can u plz explain this dream.

  2. I saw my ex-girl with with two large and long breast some told me in the dream maybe she is dating a south Africa guy what can mean

  3. My left boob moved to my left side at first thought was missing then it appeared under my arm one of the weirdest dreams i have had

  4. I dreamed of my breast was heavyweight and big I sow the dark black colour around my nipples and I sow discharge that come inside of my breast…what does it means… please reply if you know the meaning of the dream

  5. I had a dream I had big boobs after having a baby. Awhile later my husband and I were sitting in the car and my breast started shrinking fast. I was embarrassed and try to hide it but he saw and was ok with it so I became ok after being reinsured.

  6. Pls,can one help me to interprets my dream. I discovered I saw a female selling some wares. I called her and she sold right side of her breast to me,she plucked it from her chest and handed it to me in a white nylon. I collected it from her and I could noticed there are milk inside the breast by shaking it.
    The lady’s face is not familiar…..
    Although am still single, not yet married….

  7. I dream that a woman was sucking my breast the two of them and some time a man walk in and then she lay down on the floor like she was asleep

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