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Rose Dream Interpretation — 4 Comments

  1. I had a dream where my sister was scratching my face with a thorny stick…and I was holding a single red rose flower defending myself….
    Although all that was a joke ..
    what does this dream mean??

  2. I usually NEVER have any dreams or if i do i never remember them, however last night i had a dream so real that it has been bugging me the whole morning. I had a dream that I was in a park, before i realized that a concert was being performed there & the singer was Selena Quintanilla.They had a complimentary table with a bunch of white & red roses that looked glossy & a bit of gold on them, with what seemed like a picture & autograph signed attached to them. As i made my way to the table, they had run out & it was swiped clean, but the man offered me some center pieces that were under the table on the grass. These center pieces or “recuerdos” were from various occasions they had some baptism & wedding kinds. He told me to take one, but i however took five & pressed them against my side & put my purse over them & tried to put them in my car before anyone noticed. However as i was walking to find my car, i realized i was in the back of Walmart’s stocking room/ warehouse & i was completely lost. (i work in the vision center of Walmart)& i had to ask the store manager for directions, as i was walking through these sliding doors to enter the walmart store, I woke up.I’m a little puzzled as to why i would dream this & what it means?

  3. I had a dream that I saw a dead rose bush but as I looked down the rose bush there where beautiful red closed roses. I don’t understand this dream because it was partly a dead rose bush and partly alive and beautiful closed red roses on it?

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