Rose Dream Meaning – Top 25 Dreams About Roses

Did you dream about roses? Rose flowers in dreams signify faithfulness in love and the coming of joy in certain parts of your life. Please pay attention to the context of roses, their colors, aroma, and surrounding condition to get a better interpretation of dream meanings.

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Dream About Rose Plants

Dream About Rose Bush
A rose bush in the dream signifies prosperity. However, prosperity will have its flaws and risks; tread carefully when it is time to harvest your rewards.

Dream About Rose Thorns
Dreaming about rose thorns or thorns pricking you; suggests having difficulties or issues in your personal relationship. Perhaps you are not handling certain people with care. And you are having a hard time overcoming prickly situations that will hurt everyone.

Dream About Rose Garden
To dream of a blossoming rose garden reflects that there are many potential relationship candidates. You dream of and desire love and a relationship; however, you will need to choose someone soon among the potential bachelors.

Dream About Rose Buds
Rosebuds in the dream indicate the starting stages of love and relationship. You will soon fall in love with someone if you are patient and know where to look.

Dream About Rose Plant Tree
To dream of a rose plant or rose tree only without a flower; indicates that some happy event will change your life shortly. Therefore, spend more time and effort to improve yourself to be ready for the positive change.

Dream About Rose Bunches or Bouquets

Dream About Rose Bouquet
Dreaming about the rose bouquet suggests that you will encounter an occasion to celebrate love with your important family members or another half.

Dream About Rose Scent
To dream of rose scent or fragrant denotes the faithful love of your sweetheart.

Dream About Rose Petals
Flower petals in dreams suggest that your love and joy may not last a long time. You might be pushing or rushing your relationship too hard. Consider slowing down and nurture your relationship before moving forward.

Dream About Rose Stem
Rose stem in dreams refers to the commitment and faithfulness of a relationship. Work on your relationship so that love and joy can blossom shortly.

Dream About Bed of Roses
To dream of a beautiful bank or bed or rose flowers; signifies that you will be happy with someone you regard very highly. He or she will woo and sweep you off your feet before you know it.

Dream About Single Red Rose
A single red rose flower in a dream symbolizes passion and desire. The dream foretells that you have your eyes set on one single person for the foreseeable future.

Dream About Conditions of Roses

Dream About 2 or 3 Red Roses
To see two or three red roses in the dream denotes a question of choice. Perhaps a few people are wooing you. And you will have to make the tough choice of picking one over another, or perhaps no one at all. You are having a hard time making a choice.

Dream About Dying Withered Rose
Dreaming about a dying or withering rose foretells bad luck or illness might strike you or a family member. Likewise, the dead roses portend to pain and loss in terms of relationship and love.

Dream About Broken Rose
Broken roses in the dream refer to the parting or absence of a loved one. It is symbolic of death, separation, and an end to something. Your relationship may no longer be worth holding onto, and you are wondering if you should let it go.

Dream About Dried Rose
Dreaming about the dried rose foretells that someone from your family is at risk of falling ill. The illness is likely to come from constant stress and arguments.

Dream About Burning Rose
Dreaming about burning rose on fire suggests that you will stop all connection with your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend. You are ready to let go of your previous relationship completely. However, the dream may also hint that there might be one last flame before the passion completely dies.

Dream About Big Rose
To dream about a big rose reflects your eagerness to please your partner. You will do anything and everything to make him or her happy.

Dream About Baby Rose
Dreaming about mini or baby rose represents the small gestures that you do for your partner. Consider doing small moves or kisses to show your affection often.

Dream About Actions Towards Roses

Dream About Given a Rose as a Gift
To dream that someone giving you a rose suggests that you will receive some proposal soon.

Dream About Eating Rose
Eating rose flowers in the dream; symbolizes suffering from unrequited love or bitter interaction from a loved one. As a result, others may reject your acts of love or affection and return them back to you.

Dream About Smelling Rose
Smelling roses in your dream denotes happiness and pleasure. Consider slowing down the progression of your quest for a relationship. Or else you will miss out on important opportunities and events in your life.

Dream About Plucking Rose
Dream about plucking rose shows that you will soon have an offer of marriage. First, however, you will have to hint at the partner for them to take action.

Other Rose Related Objects

Dream About Glass Rose Crystal
Seeing a glass rose crystal indicates a problem of choice and time. You should hurry up to choose your life so that you could spend it with the correct man or woman. If you wait and miss the opportunity, the relationship may only last forever, as a distant memory.

Dream About Rose Quartz
Dreaming about rose quartz signifies compassion and energy. Consider learning how to love and love back, and you will receive much more affection in return.

Dream About Rose Tattoo
Rose tattoos in dreams reflect that you attach your sense of individuality to your relationship and family values. Your family and love are essential to who you are.

Dream About Colors of Roses

Dream About Grey Rose or Silver Rose
Dreaming about the silver rose represents that your loved one is also your best friend. You enjoy spending time with your life partner.

Dream About Gold Rose
Golden rose in dreams has a positive interpretation. It symbolizes success in your financial sphere. You will achieve good investment and returns along with your husband or wife.

Dream About White Rose
Dreams of white roses symbolize virginity, pureness, and secrecy. There are some parts of love that you believe are sacred and cannot be tainted.

Dream About Blue Rose
Blue roses in dreams denote sadness because of missing out due to certain illnesses.

Dream About Violet Rose or Purple Rose
Dreaming about purple rose denotes a luxurious or pleasant situation; you will soon encounter unimaginable happiness and pleasure.

Dream About Green Rose
Green roses in the dream signify that life is excellent and all is well. But, things will take a better turn.

Dream About Orange Rose
The Orange rose in the dream suggests that you take an optimistic view of life.

Dream About Pink Rose
Dreaming about pink roses signifies fresh love and new romance.

Dream About Black Rose
Black rose in dreams suggests taboo love or less common relationship. Perhaps you will fall for someone not suitable for you.

Dream About Yellow Rose
If you see a yellow rose in the dream, then it refers to infidelity and jealousy.

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