Alchemy Dream Meaning – Top 6 Dreams About Alchemist

Did you dream about alchemy or an alchemist? It refers to transformation or transmutation. The transition occurs from the spiritual, mental level to the physical level. Or they could exist the other way around. You are transferring ideology and perfectionist believes. Converting them into actual results.

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Dream About Performing Alchemy

Performing alchemy in dreams by yourself; is a sign that you are going through inner transformation. You are changing ideas or beliefs. Perhaps you have been going to church. You are enlightening through prayer and meditation. These thoughts might be hard to understand initially.

You are performing seemingly impossible miracles. Work towards your projects or goals. You are taking endeavors that others have abandoned. And you are transforming them into valuable assets.

Dream About Alchemy Recipes or Alchemy Formula

To dream about alchemy formulas or recipes; represents certain things, events, or people in your waking life. Consider figuring out what those items may symbolize. You are putting them together. Produce positive integration and outcomes. The resulting sum will be far greater than its parts individually.

Dream About Alchemist

Dreaming about someone being an alchemist; suggests that there is an air of mystery around them. You do not understand why and how they do things a certain way, yet they will bring results for you. Consider placing trust in them. They will perform and bring you riches and gold.

Dream About Alchemy To Turn Metal into Gold

Seeing yourself turning lead or metal into gold inside a dream; symbolizes that you will turn normal projects or even trash into precious assets. You will be able to add to projects and businesses. Bring value to everything that you touch and study. In addition, these endeavors will be highly profitable. You will soon earn a good income.

Dream About Philosopher’s Stone 

Seeing or making a philosopher’s stone in alchemy; suggests that you will put forth your best work. Utilizing all of your knowledge and effort. You will create the best project of your lifetime. Be patient and diligent. Great positive successes are coming.

Dream About Create Living Things With Alchemy

To make life or living beings with alchemy in your dream; symbolizes that you will work to create organic growth. Plenty of improvement will occur within your social circle. Watch out for your organization, school, or family. Be aware of your inner thoughts and actions. They will breed into a real atmosphere in your waking life. The positive or negative inner believes will manifest themselves in the real world.

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