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Bread Dream Interpretation — 7 Comments

  1. I saw my self buying break from the bread vendor,and when it was my turn to get my bread,he just squeezed it and I was so furious with him and i said,why should he squeez my bread?i insisted he must change the bread,in the process,people were begging me not to be angry,but didn’t collect the bread till I woke up.
    Please,what is the meaning?

  2. I was in the air looking down at the waves on a beach when all of the sudden while I was floating there from somewhere next to me dough poured out onto the ocean where the wave caught it at it poured about 20 feet wide and 3 feet thick and at the end of this dough was my mother putting her final touches on it by patting it a few times as to show thats it ready now.

  3. I had a dream about bread about a night or so ago, at/in a grocery store, with other food product(s) merchandise, also. the bread was the Main focus of the/that dream, however……

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