Rake Dream Interpretation

To see a rake in dreams suggest some type of wrap up and clean up for your projects. The dream suggests that you are ready to let go of a decaying and passing part of your life.

Dream About Using a Rake
Dreaming about using a rake in the dream, reflect that someone is delaying or taking it easy with your tasks or projects. The dream foretells that the only way to conclude the project fully, is by stepping in and do the finishing touches yourself.

Dream About a Broken Leaf Rake
Seeing a broken leaf rake, reflects that you need better planning and organization in your life. The dream indicates that you consistently run into issues by being careless and mindless about how you close deals and projects.

Dream About Raking Your Garden or Backyard
To rake your garden or backyard in the dream, signifies certain areas in your life that need to be cleaned up. Consider the contexts and surrounding area within the dream, to get better ideas on the areas of your waking life that need work. The dream foretells that you need to clear out old and decaying part of your life, in order to embrace the new adventure and growth. Consider letting go some of the stale thoughts or opinions, so that you can keep an open mind and spirit.

Dream About Raking Soil or Dirt
Raking the earth or soil in the dream, suggests that you have the ability to change everything and prepare for new growth. The dream foretells that you are currently in a life stage where you can afford to make plenty of mistakes. However, the dream foretells that you need to be patient and do not get upset or panic, stay on your path and be steadfast towards your goals. You are unlikely to see any profitable results as you are clearing your way towards success.

Dream About Someone Else Raking
Seeing or hiring someone else to rake for you, denotes that you taking advantage of some situation. It does not necessarily mean that you are cheating or stealing, however, you are utilizing other people’s time to deal with unwanted business. The dream signals that someone is cleaning up after your mess and mistakes, and that you are fully aware of his or her actions to help you.

Dream About Rusted Rake
A rusted rake in dream is a bad omen foretelling unfinished important business. Specifically, it could be related to businesses that could be no longer completed due to health problems. The dream portends that you might run into health issues that will adversely affect your future plans and goals. Thus, if you have any unfinished business or goals to do certain activities, consider doing them earlier than later.

Dream About Storing Rake Away in a Tool Shed
To see a rake stowed away in a shed or garage, suggests that you need to manage important business alone by yourself. Be aware of revealing your business or trade secrets. If you do outsource or let others help you with the work, consider savings parts of it to yourself so that you could withhold certain advantage.

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