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Menstruation or Period Dream Interpretation — 30 Comments

  1. my question is what if the blood is coming out of your private part without pad,just stain your dress and u try to cover the stain

  2. hi a couple of weeks ago i dreamt i was on my period i only saw the blood when i wiped….then a couple of days ago i dreamt i was on my period and this time around when i wiped i saw cooked livers (i think its fox livers) what do these dreams mean?

  3. I had a dream blood clots were just pouring out of my vagina big one that would not stop I can’t remember details of my dream or what it was about.

  4. If you dream that having your period blood on the tampon and you feel excited like you wanted it to happen early an not the middle of the month . What does it mean ???

  5. I dreamt last night that I had pulled down my panties to see that I had gotten my period, and it soaked through the panty liner, making both the liner and panties heavy with blood. In real life I’m late and freaking out. I missed getting my cycle in December, and it’s now January 4th. I really, really doubt that I could be pregnant, for the fact I’m 99.9% sure that after I had protected sex in November, it was AFTER I got my period for that month. I have a bad thyroid as well that made me miss my period YEARS ago. It’s still bad, but as soon as I got on meds for it, I haven’t missed a cycle since. Something is wrong, most likely. So, what if you dream of getting your period when in waking life you’re late? There’s an answer for if you’re not due for it yet, but what if you’ve missed your period???? Help 🙁

  6. Last night I dreamt I was on the toilet, had just peed and was holding toilet paper with blood on it. Looked down there was blood but wiped and no blood came off onto the paper? Yet there was some already there, no blood in the toilet. What’s this mean?

  7. What does it mean when you dream about your 76 year old mother loosing a lot of blood and your already deceased father is in the dream as well? This is sad. Can someone please determine what this may mean? Thanks

  8. Last night I dreamt I was walking along the road and my period suddenly started and little blood was dripping on the floor and I went and get pads and I woke from the dream.

  9. I had a dream that my mom put her Santeria pad in the toilet and the toilet gat clogged and I kind of removed the tissu and unclogged it but I also saw their was blood in the wash room

  10. I dreamed that i was with my baby entered my office to check if they have closed because I was pressed and it was closing time, then noticed that every body has gone only the cleaner that was sweeping, I entered, she stop and give me chance to do whatever I wanted,I bath my baby and wanted to bath,I noticed that my pad was stain with blood, I washed my self, then wake up

  11. I dreamed that I had to go pee and when I got up from the toilet the toilet was full of blood clots. I had to empty some out in order to flush cause if not it would of all came out.

  12. I just dream lastnight a I got a heavy menstruation yes… I do not wear a pad on That time and I saw a Blood seems like I was urinating….
    I keep looking on a comfort room to change but I couldn’t find it

  13. I have my period on me bleeding heavy with blood clots but I dream all the blood with clot was on the top of the pad I show my boyfriend it in the dream.

    • I have always dreamt being on my period a few year now my period has long stopped and I am told I have reached menopause. At the age of 35.how do I pray to be renewed?

  14. I dreamed and my wife and I were playing, and her menstraution coded dropped. But it was messed up with plenty blood, and I started wiping the blood with tissue. What is the meaning??

  15. I had a dream me and my girls was in a club or at a party and someone in front of me (idk if she was with us or not) but she had on white pants and her menstrual came on she didn’t even know but it was kind of heavy then someone gave her something to cover up and get out and that was all to that dream….. So what does it mean dreaming of someone else’s menstrual

  16. Hi, I dreamt and noticed that I was sitting on a friend’s clean laundry–towels piled up and then saw thick bright blood flowing in about 3 different directions from me onto the towels.

  17. I dreamt of another lady I was sharing a toilet with, we were both on periods, while she was peeing I saw her pad it was full of blood like she’s having a heavy flow and when I check mine it’s only a few blood.. I then admired her and told her I wish to have such heavy flow when I go on my menstruating.

  18. OK. So, I am not crazy or the only one. I had a partial hyster over ten years ago and had not looked back nor regretted my decision. However, I have had almost monthly dreams that I am on my period. In the dream, the flow is always heavy, as they were in real life. And as in my dream, I am looking for the restroom or being very careful and cautious to not make a stain. I talked to my Dr. and he said that I may have experienced Post-traumatic syndrome. Today, I spoke to my nurse practitioner and she thinks I should see a counselor. I this credit the idea as my cycle is the last thing on my mind during my daily routine. I just believed that my mind thinks that my body still goes through the monthly process. I don’t get it. So, thanks for all the post. I am not going to be admitted into a funny farm any time soon. LOL!

  19. Its a month and i have not seen my period and last night i had a dream i was walking around in town suddenly saw a heavy blood coming out of my vagina i was running around in town asking for pads and no one had them then i took toilt paper that i was wiping myself with and putted it then i woke up. This dream is worrying me a lot

  20. I had a dream of my church mate, she was lying on the matress in another place, so she screamed and went to her and i found my Pastor with her and showed me she messed herself with blood on the matress. I brought her something to clean herself and she went in with the jearn she was wearing with stain of blood to ministering to people and people were running away

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