Slide Dream Meaning – Top 17 Dreams About Slides

Did you dream about the slide? To dream about the slide reflects some sense of out of control but having fun in the midst of chaos. Consider the location of the slide such as in the park, apartment, or someone’s backyard. In addition, think about your emotions and feelings while interacting with the slide in the dream. It could offer you valuable clues on how you truly feel about the current situation.

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Dream About Using Slide

Climbing Up a Slide
To dream that you are climbing up the slide, indicates that you are working hard in life. You are climbing up the ladder so that you could soon experience positive and fun experiences such as a vacation.

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Going Down a Slide
To dream that you are going down a slide, represents a cheerful and letting it go attitude. You are embracing freedom and childhood playful actions.

Falling Off a Slide
To see yourself falling off and outside of a slide, represents a loss of sudden control. The dream foretells that you will suffer from a sudden tragedy like car accidents because you are being careless and complacent. You will soon experience unexpected instability in your waking life that will turn your life upside down.

Dream About Different Types of Slides

Water Slide & Pool Slide
To dream about a water slide or swimming pool slide; suggests that you are avoiding to explore into details about your emotions and feelings. You are skimming over the surface and jumping straight to the conclusion. It also relates to some type of risk-taking behavior.

Inflatable Balloon Slide
Seeing a big inflatable balloon slide shows a relaxed life with children. It foretells enjoyable moments and memories with younger kids. Your kid will soon enjoy the fun in a group party setting.

Park Playground Slide
To see a park playground slide, suggests that you should avoid the stressful part of life. If the slide is too hot or too cold, indicates that your daily life will be filled with emotional stress.

House Backyard Slide
Seeing a slide in the backyard from the dream, indicates happy and relaxing times in life. However, you need to find the time and effort to really enjoy those times.

Cruise Slide
To dream about a slide on a cruise ship; suggests that you should take some time off work and enjoy the simple pleasures.

Scary Mountain Slide
A scary mountain slide in the dream, reflects a potent mixture of fear or exhilaration. You are facing a crazy transition that you feel is way beyond your ability to handle.

Dream About Slide Appearances

Big Giant Slide
To see a very tall and big giant slide; foretells that you will soon encounter a situation that is difficult to control. A seemingly easy project starting out will morph into a big roller coaster monster. It will take you courage and faith to enjoy the fruit of your labor.

Never Ending Slide
To be in a never-ending slide that goes down indefinitely; suggests that you are trapped in some type of downward spiral. The dream is similar to a maze where it reflects hopelessness.

Ice Slide
Dreaming about sliding down an ice slide; suggests that you are escaping from an issue rather than dealing with it directly.

Broken Slide
To see a broken slide in the dream, indicates that you are unable to move forward or back. You are stuck in some type of limbo waiting for something to happen. The broken slide points to a broken relationship are not progressing or moving forward.

Steep Slide
Seeing a steep slide in the dream, reflect a risky or unpredictable situation. You might soon enter some projects with reckless behavior that may impact your health.

Slippery Slide
To dream about a slippery slide where you bounce all over; suggests that you will soon enter a situation where you look like a novice or unprofessional person. You will have a hard time getting the handle of a situation, meeting, or project.

Dirty Slide with Water, Dirt, or Sand
To dream about a dirty slide, indicates that you will encounter ethical issues in your emotional, personal, and financial dealings. You will land on your feet eventually. But you will need to make unethical choices and make connections with negative influences.

Other Slide Terms

To dream about a mud slide, earth slide, or rock slide; suggests that situations in your waking life are getting too much for you to handle. You are in danger and you are in over your head. You may soon suffer from damage or pushback that is hard to recover from.

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