Helicopter Dream Interpretation

Did you dream about helicopters? Helicopter in your dream represents your wealth, ambitions, and achievements. You have clearly defined goals and you are working hard and steady to pursue it. By continue working, adapting, and practicing your craft, you will obtain new-found freedom and greater awareness. You will soon be able to have a clear view and perspective of what others might miss. Consider why and how you are seeing the helicopter in the dream to get better meanings. The dream meanings can differ from regular airplanes.

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Dream About Helicopter Flying

Helicopter Crashing and Falling Out of Sky
To dream about helicopter falling out of the sky and crashing, foretells failed plans and problems in your professional career. You will fall from grace from a high standard or authority. Consider being more vigilant about how you handle and control your everyday actions. Disaster can strike when everything appears normal and routine.

Running From Helicopter Chasing
Dreaming that you are running away from a helicopter chasing you in the sky, reflects that you are feeling trapped and threatened by your or someone else’s aspirations and expectations. Perhaps you are pursuing other people’s goals instead of your passion. You feel that you are being cornered to act out a certain way.

Helicopter Shooting and Attacking
To dream about a helicopter attacking and shooting guns at you, foretells that you will be threatened by some danger. It is a warning sign for you to be cautious, be ready to seek cover, and protect yourself.

Dream About Where is the Helicopter

Helicopter in House
To dream about an actual or remote control helicopter toy in the house, indicates that your family life will limit your aspirations. You will soon have to make hard decisions about giving up or hurting your family.

Dream About Being on a Helicopter

Helicopter Ride
To dream that you are taking a helicopter ride, consider the reason behind your ride. Are you exploring safari, the mountains, or the wilderness? It could point to a need for a higher perspective. Think bigger and higher than your current position, so that you could make better plans for the long term.

Flying a Helicopter
To dream that you are flying a helicopter, indicates that you are chasing your goals. Consider being slow and steady. Keep balance with how you fly so that you could reach higher highs.

Jumping Off a Helicopter
To dream that you are jumping off a helicopter either through bungee jumping or parachute, foretells that you need to ready to jump to the front line. Perhaps you are a boss or working in a management position. But you need to change your higher up perspective in order to achieve real success. Do not be afraid to take the plunge and dive head in.

Helicopter Landing
To dream about a helicopter landing, points to an end of an adventure or chapter of your life. Take a break or vacation from work or school, refuel and rest so that you could take on more missions.

Dream About How the Helicopter is Flying

Upside Down Helicopter
Dreaming about helicopter flying upside down, indicates that you might be trying too hard with your work and family. You are pushing it to see how far you could push yourself. The dream indicates that you might be able to do incredible feat in the short term. But it can be dangerous if you keep the pace up.

Low Flying Helicopter Hovering
To dream about a low flying helicopter hovering over you, indicates that someone is watching your every move. You are afraid to make any mistake and do anything out of line.

Dream About Purpose of Helicopter

Helicopter Rescue
Dream about air ambulance through a helicopter, indicates that you will overcome obstacle and emergencies. Try to utilize powerful resources that are out of the box. You will use unconventional methods or big guns to solve the crisis. The dream foretells that you will airdrop in backup and help from unlikely places

Police or Military Helicopter
To dream about military or police helicopter, suggests that you want other people to come and solve your problems. However, you might not like how things get handled when they do. You are giving up control and privacy.

Other Common Helicopter Terms

Helicopter Pilot
Dreaming that you are piloting a helicopter, indicates that your excessive focus to the work will be valued highly. You will soon get fast promotions and climb up the corporate ladder.

Helicopter Pad
Helicopter pad in the dream, points to a safe harbor where you could stop and rest.

Baby Helicopter Toy
To dream about a baby helicopter toy, indicates that your hopes and goals might be too small. Be more willing to take on risks in order to succeed.

Helicopter Explosion
To see a helicopter explosion because of missiles and rockets, points to sabotage and attack from your competition. Be nimble and always prepare for the worst.

Dream About Colors of the Helicopters

Black Helicopter
Black helicopters reflect your desire to solve the problems by violent force and whatever means necessary.

Red Helicopter
Red helicopter in dreams points to your passion and strong desire towards your goals.

Blue Helicopter
Blue helicopter in the dream, indicates that you need to deal with your problems instead of trying to escape.

Golden Helicopter
Golden helicopter in the dream signifies that you are striving for the best. Work hard in order to achieve complete freedom and independence in life.

Dream About Appearances of the Helicopter

Small Helicopter
Seeing a small helicopter, is a sign that your ambitions are inadequate and unrealistic. You are trying to do too much with very little.

Big Large Helicopter
Big and large helicopter in the dream, suggests that you need to have a strong ego to match with your ambition. Do not give up for weak or lame excuses. You expect highly of your own performance.

New Helicopter
A new helicopter in the dream represents your ability to completely change yourself. You will soon work on an important project, that will help you earn a reputation and a lot of money.

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